Problem with the training camp

Hello. I do not know if he writes in a good department but I will try. I have a problem after updating. I had 4 training camps + one turned into barracks. after the update, I deleted one camp :frowning: You also had a way to recover these barracks, I am asking for a quick response.

cze艣膰. nie wiem czy w dobrym dziale pisze ale spr贸buj臋. mam problem po aktualizacji. mia艂em 4 obozy szkoleniowe + jeden przerobiony na koszary. po aktualizacji skasowa艂o mi jeden ob贸z:( mieli艣cie tez tak? jak moge odzyska膰 te koszary prosz臋 o szybka odpowied藕. pozdrawiam

I have the same problem

Having the same problem myself. One training camp is totally missing and had been training people beforehand :frowning:

Now if I try to build there it will give me a connection problem error and restart the game.

every time i try to build a new traing camp, i get the connection error, very annoying!

Hello. trying to create a ticket for a barracks but but not sure where to go

I do not even have the possibility to build the 4th camp 鈥渓imit of the building exhausted鈥, you think that the authors of the game will do something about it?

Are you at stronghold 20 yet? Or have you by mistake converted one of your camps into a barracks?

yes I have a fortress on level 20. I have a barracks and I had 3 training camps so I built 4 which after the update will disappear



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