Problem with the titan rewards


There was a problem with the titan rewards in which I participated as soon as it appeared, a rare blue 6* so my participation in the harpoons until the second level.

  1. in reward no part of the titan

  2. A reduced loot of a IV ranking while I had an A ranking

  3. In all I received only one gem!

Here are the screens :

Were you in the alliance >24 hours before the Rare titan spawned?

If no, working as intended:


Yes I was a member of the alliance for 24 hours before it appeared

Did you exit the alliance at any time in the 24 hours prior to it spawning?

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Yes! I left but only for a few minutes

In that case, you were not in the alliance for >24hrs prior to the Rare Titan spawwning & is working as intended, per post #2.


1 gems in rewards on a rare titan and 0 member of titan !!! … with an A rating ?! while I was present at his arrival !!!

Frankly it is really abused… even if you say that it is necessary to be present 24 hours before its arrival !

Do you find this normal as an update? Seriously !

The cow that laughs :lol:


I’m just a player. I don’t make the rules or the decisions.

You stated it was a problem; it’s not. It is working as intended per the changes made in Version 37.


Oops! Sorry ok

On the contrary this new update “37” on the rare titan will cause worries since there will be players who do not know when they will appear or simply they forget and leave their alliance to go to make small turns at the friends ^^

In any case I thank you for taking the time to answer me.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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