Problem with the last 1.7 version


My game was automatically updated with the 1.7 version three hours ago.
Since that update, i directly had a crash with my next fight against the titan (0 points…)

I can’t see the other players teams because nobody seems to have this version installed except me. Is there any bug with this update ? Why others players don’t have it and can’t update their game. Thanks to inform me.

I also have the 1.7 version. I think we were randomly selected to be beta testers. Based on how active you are and helpful to fellow players.

Pretty certain Android store doesn’t work like that; and from all reports over time neither does SG. For reference, it’s a separate game client and to my knowledge the beta is still ongoing.

I know @loorts said it was released today, and there was a published release note that said “hopefully by the end of the week” but it would be unlikely to be released to individual users… that makes little sense honestly.

Oh god, another version?
What they change this time? -tremble-

Version 1.7 Release Notes

We hope to release version 1.7 by the end of this week.

New Challenge Event content added
Look forward to new heroes and stages
Challenge Event improvements
Rewards for different tiers adjusted
Beginner tier will be slightly easier
Event stages now give XP on completion
Various balance tweaks to make some of the more rarely used heroes and troops more powerful
Gan Ju : Special attack +15%
Dawa : Special attack +15%
Kailani : Defense stat increased slightly
Elkanen : Special attack +15%
Thorne : Stats adjusted for slightly stronger attack and slightly weaker defense
Quintus : Special attack +10%
Perfect Riposte : Damage deflection +5%
Troop Healing Bonus effect increased slightly
Alliance language setting added
Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

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Oh, sounds good.

Like You said Rev, doesn’t work like that.

There are a bunch of active people that have been testing this version on a seperate server yeah. Yesterday they released it to all of us. From experience I know that updates generally get through the ‘checks’ of the playstore first, so usually it is available first on android (might also be influenced by region and version of android). Today I know for sure it is also available on iOS, so we should all be able to update today :slight_smile:

Yeah, Apple Store pushed it this morning; Hu Tao gone missing for everyone haha!

Also suggests they need more people playtesting or a longer play testing period if this wasn’t reported and fixed pre-release.

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Funny Hu Tao is visible for me. Maybe this is bug only impacts Apple?

What’s your client version? They may have already ninja patched Android. Possible it is just in the IOS build, and I heard the IOS players were late getting access to beta so that maybe it wasn’t caught for that reason or it was just a problem in their build process.

1.7 build 403


I’m on 1.7 build 231 as of this morning’s IOS update.

Think something went astray with their build / release process or android did get a ninja patch.

On my iphone, it was slightly different, it says Kailani “mana charge speed changed from slow to average”

I updated to the latest version and when I click on Hu Tao or fight a team with Hu Tao it does not show the picture just has a question mark and says missing!

On android and kailani is still slow

Thanks for all your replies, it seems to work now.

At the clan war, I was winner, but the game stat to show something wrong, it was looks like loading, and then it make me like I lost that fight, and give me 0 points…
Coitus - name of clan
Azateikin - my nickname
Cocokc1 - my enemies nickname

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