Problem with the a war


I want to report a problem with a war,

yesterday November 26, 2020 at 20:40 (GMT + 2)
When launching an attack in war, our alliance realizes that the opponent has one player more than us on the battlefield, which gives the opposing team the advantage of having six attacks more than us and which can also clearly change the final score.

this is the second time that this has happened that gave a kind of desperation to our players! !

here are the proofs with screenshot.

I beg you to study this problem.

my greetings.

The problem is that with smaller alliances, it’s harder to find another alliance with the same number of members, so it’s fairly likely that you’ll get the occasional imbalance. I’ve even seen people with one person alliances getting an alliance with two. If you’re over 25 or so, this happens much less often. (It’s still not nice for you to be affected, of course, but victory will be that much sweeter if you achieve it.)

FYI users of the forum are players of the game just like you. If you want to report a problem you need to submit a support ticket to SG. Before you do, you might want to check the date is correct first.

Should be September perhaps :thinking:

As @mpolo explained above, it does seem more difficult for smaller alliances to be fairly matched in alliance wars. I’ve included just some threads if you want to read more about this issue.


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I was exactly on the wrong date, it was yesterday September 26th and not November.

Thanks for your help

thank you for correcting :+1:

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Thinks for you help :+1:

This has happened the last few wars for us also. It wasn’t bad the first time as they didn’t have the bench to flip us 4 times. This war was really bad. Their war score is 3x ours, we could have won, but 2 bad boards that made us use 2 hits on one and two hero flips instead. It wouldn’t be bad, but when your loss is 750 points to their 450 and they get 6 more hits that doesn’t work.
We just all pulled out of wars for a while, the chests are all crap rewards anyway.
We have all been having buggy issues since we all went f2p. The last nerf of Vela was it for me. Lol “fix” her but leave that toxic green pos teluria alone, they should cut to the chase and make her mana very fast and have 100% protection from red. But that is a rant for another board

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There is this thread too which discusses the topic, though it does not come to a happy conclusion (I don’t like the calculation done).

The total number of points for the alliance should not have been 1500, but 1500 * Ka / Ke, where Ka is the number of teams in the alliance, and Ke is the number of teams in the enemy alliance. Then the larger alliance has an advantage in the form of more attacks, and the smaller one has an advantage in the form of a higher attack cost.
Now the larger alliance gets a double bonus, it has more attacks and a higher attack cost.

But the larger alliance has lesser bench strength, so they will have lesser number of one shot kills, and hence will use up more war flags to get the same number of points. At the end of the day it all balances out, provided both teams fight properly and use all their war flags.

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we were given opponents whose number of teams is greater and the strength of the teams is higher and the bench is longer. Double Bonus brings victory of 95% or more.

Okay that is definitely a bug. In my old alliance we faced opponents with lesser number of teams, but stronger defenses. In those few occasions, we always lost as they did more one shots than us and beat us by a considerable margin.

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