Problem with season two boss

I have noticed that the Boss in season two aren’t doing reflect damage. I don’t mind winning but I am not technically earning the win.

Try hitting it with a special skill.


Ursena only reflects Holy Special Skills.

As @DracoLovesRi said, did you hit her with a Holy Special Skill?


It’s Mitsuko, that’s not reflecting any damage with regular damage or special skills damage.

Mitsuko similarly only reflects damage and status effects from Ice Special Skills.

So same question, basically…did you hit her with an Ice Special Skill?

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Yeah, I am real sure that I did. Usually you get hit also for each of the gems that hit and I wasn’t seeing that happen either.

For many counterattacks in the game, that’s true.

But it’s not true for Mitsuko:

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Okay, I’ll take the win.