Problem with robberies

Hi all,

My problem is robberies namely:

If I’m in retaliation and want to change my team. This is offered to me though, but no matter what I do then, the team just does not change.

It always remains Team 1 that I set up. If I manually change Team 1, it works. The problem is that I sometimes forget to change Team 1 on my defense team.

Does somebody have the same problems? It can not be if I change the team and the changes still take Team 1 is taken.

Sorry for my english I did that with Google Translator. I hope you understand what I mean?

Best regards

Ps.: I forgot to say that i still has 5 Teams saved to the slots!

I set my defense on team slot 5, team slot 4 is empty and the first three are for map farming, titans and attacking raids.

Set your defense on slot 5 and don’t swap it :wink:

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Hi FraVit, thx. 4 reply. I try it out :wink:


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Ok, i set my Defence to slot 5 and change it of course to use.

Now i go to robbery and want to change my team from Slot 1. I collect Slot 2 for attack and click agree but it shows only Slot 1 to attack. No changes made.

I’m a little bit desperate. I have to see how I can upload a video and with what. Then this will eventually be seen what i mean. Maybe I’m just too stupid;)


Hi Wormwood,

thx. 4 your help too! I can do what i want the Team is always the same.

I try to upload a video. I must take a look how this upload works. Hope few minutes i got it :wink:


a lot of times, when you go to offensively raid, it will default to other teams. Just swipe left or right to get to the team number you want.


Argh i give it up. Can only send my making video from Android not larger then 20 MB.

@Dante thx 4 reply. Yes i swipe left and right and click use but nothing changed. Always the Defence Team :frowning:

Cheers. And close the Topic i cant upload my video cause its too large :frowning:

upload to youtube and post a link.

Ok i try it. :wink: TY


Ok, i hope i made no mistake with upload :wink:

But do i mistake with changing the teams?

Every answer is Welcome.


Ps.: Ups see the language i upload was German may i change it to english and post it again?

I see your problem. The “Team Andern” button is the edit team button - change your team. Directly from the raid screen, just swipe right or left.


ill post a vid shortly.


You are my HERO!

i am so stupid i cant believe it :wink:

Yes Yes Yes that works. 1000 Thx. too you!


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I did the same thing when I first started. UI behaviors are a learning experience for all.


Yes Dante i am still learning each day a little bit.

Some guys would say what a stupid with level 42 :wink:

Thx. again. Have a nice day.


I have 5 empty team slots and change manually everytime.

Old school is the best :face_with_monocle:

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  1. You can’t leave your defense team empty once you build the tower.
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Ok ok, 4 empty team slots :face_with_monocle:
Or maybe 3?

Bof, i change manually the same!


Hi Elpis,

may you r right!

With old in any case Lol. Till today i do it manually cause of no choise. But always i forgot to change the Chars to Defence back. Losing much Trophys.

Cheers :wink:

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