Problem with raid


on 04/30/20 my camp was attacked by a player, today on 3/5/30 I can’t get my revenge because this player is connected to the game 24/24, strange thing! !

I kindly ask you to check this problem because for more than two years of play it is the first time that I have been faced with such a problem.

my greetings.

Not much to do here except wait. Wait in the bushes. Wait to spring the trap.


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It is possible that he purchased a raid shield in the gem resources area. This means that for the length of the raid shield, he can’t be attacked. This also means he can’t attack anyone new.

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Probably autofarming and getting someone else to just keep on hitting Autoplay. LOL.

no, it did not activate the protective shield if it was the case and a message which indicates it.

today is the third day to log in and the number of trophies has not changed.

It’s Atlantis… they’re auto farming most likely

Most likely he plays on an emulator with recorded macros (for example, click on the screen once a minute)

This is a google play game center issue that can be forced! Simply use an emulator/simulator like Bluestacks and put the computer to sleep. The game centre logs this as an open socket and will not discontinue the connection. When they log back in OR TRY, they will discover that their game clock is out of sync. I doubt it is deliberate!

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