Problem with one player


Gentlemen of Small Giant Games: I am writing to you to try to solve a very serious problem that we are having with a user whose nick is Shely and his alliance Galaxy 7, does not stop threatening us saying that we hacked our accounts and talks with other leaders of other alliances to denounce us and harass us, just because we decided Abando his alliance and create our own, we love your game and we would not have to leave it for this reason I go to you to see if you can take letters in the matter , We wait for your answer. Forgive my English but we are from a Spanish alliance I hope they understand. Crissa


Block him, Crissa. It’s the easiest way to just make them disappear :slight_smile:


Thanks for your recomendation. I Will do.


You can also use the in game report function. The game support will look at the chat logs to see if he is trolling.


Hello crissa, do not worry about the “threats” because i’m leader in an alliance in the server spanish, we know as is, and we pass. Do not listen, she can not do anything. There is an option that is block, super useful.

Of the other, pass, play and have fun !! :rofl: :smiley:


The report function isnot work in my account . I dont know why.


Yay. How do I delete a post?


You Try to send an email "" providing the screenshots, and the data of the player, not the alliance, since she changes a lot. :grinning: