Problem with my account

Can someone explain why I keep getting pulled out of my alliance and some how join another alliance and I have 2 Sabina and 1 Ameonna that has disappeared out of my heroes

They probably booted yah n you maybe fed the hero’s away?
Go to options support recent activities will see if what you been up too

No I didn’t get booted I’m back in my alliance I contacted Google today and did a reset on my phone no I didn’t feed them away because I don’t have that many heroes and I will go to the link you suggested

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Yes it shows I fed them to costume tib I was filling my wanted chest and logged out when I got back on to do Titan hits my wanted chest were greyed out that’s when I seen that I had left my alliance and was in another alliance so I left that alliance immediately I honestly do not know what happened

Is it possible that someone else has access to your phone, or your account has been hacked?

It was just me and my wife and she dont play I really don’t know what happened hopefully it won’t happen again

You might want to consider changing your password just to be sure. Not sure how to tell whether it has been hacked or not.

Yes I contacted Google today and changed the password and I did a factory reset on my phone then installed the game so I hope that fixes the issue


If that were me I might suspect drunkeness!!

Hello,i am new in forum,i have a problem with ascension materials 4*

We all do. What exactly is your problem?

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Linky link:

I make a lot of tickets to suport and always i get a standard answers.colored chest,titan chest,titan rewards,rare Titans …no ascension materials 4* ,other players from my alliance get this materials more offen…one member get five 4* materials in fine days for exemple…but not me !! This is an very old problem and they do nothing ,i have a problem whith my account and they dont admited !!

See @Guvnor’s response just above for all the ways to get 4* mats. Make sure you finish the rare quests, they are the most reliable source for 4* mats.

I have never received 5 4* mats in 5 days. They were EXTREMELY lucky or they’re exaggerating. It just would not happen very often.

In a mounth i get maxim one 4* material,i play this game over 2 and a half yers and from Rare Titans only 2 bonus …titan chest is for nothing ( for five emblems),war chest at beginning was ok,now is not any more :))…this 4* materials are extremly rare for some players.the player who get 5 4* materials in 5 days take screen shot from recent activity ,it 100% that i am telling the truth.

You should be able to get one 4* mat every 10 days or so from just the rare quests alone (Mt. Umber, Farholme, etc) after 2-1/2 years of playing.

From Titans i mean ,very rare that materials for me…2 rare Titans ,no materials.titan chest ,no materials ( only 5 emblems).other players get this materials more offen ,ar least 1 from max 3 Titans ,but not me and more others.

I have never gotten the rare titan bonus mat in two years, despite usually being A or A+, and never below B on them. I occasionally get 4* mats from titans but not that often, maybe every 3-4 months. I find the rare quests and (of all things) Mystic Vision are more reliable sources for mats.

Two colored chests ,nothing !! Trust me there are players who get more offen this 4* mats in my alliance.i see print screens whith them.i think the big your lvl is You get less mats!

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