Problem with max quantity of iron counting


I have
1 iron warehouse: space 36800
2 iron mine: space 2x12225
Total space: 61250
But In the bar in upper screen indicates that max space of iron is 46800.



Stronghold adds 10k for start of game


Iron mine space doesn’t count towards max storage. 36800 + 10k as noted above and the math works. I thought the same thing until I figured it out. It’s storing the production, up to 12,225 - once it hits that it not longer produces until you move it to storage.


Think of the iron mine as “temporary storage” i.e. we just pulled this out of the ground, we can only hold so much here at the mine until you come and move it to permanent storage". I wonder if you can use iron that’s in the mine for upgrading things directly from mine, or if you need to move it to permanent storage first.


Have to move it to storage first