Problem with Master Lepus

Hi, Master Lepus have 410% damage, the caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns. The problem is that: the caster don’t give -defense.

You mean Master Lepus himself doesn’t get a -def after he casts?

He hurts himself as a penalty, to compensate for his power.


If Aeron, Grazul or Gato cast just before Master Lepus, the -def doesn’t happen. I may have missed a hero or 2 in the list, and Aeron and Gato have to be next to Master Lepus for the effect.


When i attack with him, the enemies doesn’t get -def.

after giving with the magic of the enemy , they do not receive - defensive

Of course they don’t… Master Lepus gets his own deffense lowered by using his special, he doesn’t lower the enemy defense. That’s 100% normal and as it is intended to be. " the caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns " THE CASTER! That’s the one who casts the spell, not the target. In this case, the bunny wrabbit…


Ok, thanckyou, now i understood


Closing this topic as solution was found.

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