Problem with lvl-up Special Skill by the Hero- v18 solves

So ppl, I have got 2 new Heroes - Balthazar(3* dark) and Lianna(5* green) and have the same problem with both. LVL-up works just fine, BUT not for Special Skill. Balthazar has 41 lvl of 3rd Stage. And has just 3 lvl of Special Skill. So Special Skill was lvl-upd just with Stage upgrade. With Lianna same thing. Its not my 1st heroes, and I know how to make lvl-up right (10 heroes, same colour), but since a week its just doesnt work for my. P.S. Sorry for my english.

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I have seen the special skill requirement change for some colors. Purple and Red heros I have had good success leveling up with 10 heros making sure at least one of every color is included in the 10. This has not been the case for green and blue heros. Haven’t tried yellow.

I once flipped a coin 10 times in a row, and I got heads every single time. It didn’t mean that the coin was broken, or that the laws of probability had changed. Sometimes you just have a run of Luck, good or bad. I think that you have just had very bad luck with these characters. I have had similar strings of bad luck (though never with two characters at once).

It sounds like you are doing everything right. Keep at it, and hopefully your luck will turn around soon.


TY, but too many things in game, I mean in last week’s, works not so good. Drop from Titans. Loot from mission and titan chests. We can told, each times, “Oh, its a random. Oh, its a unluck”, but its looks like something wrong with game mechanic. U know what I want to say.


Yeah there’s no telling with the odds. For what it’s worth I’ve noticed it easy to level the special skill for green red and blue but harder for purple and gold. This is just my experience but when I would only throw a few cards into the level for purple (giving lower chance) it would tend to go up a point. Truthfully no way to know if that’s just dumb luck or something with that particular color

You can’t make this up but my alliance couldn’t take down a Titan tonight but I got better loot from the escape than from the one we did kill the night before. I think this game operates on wonderland logic


If it were a particular color all of us would see the same thing.

In my case skilling red, yellow, purple has gone just fine.

Green and Blue, nope.

But it could be just as easily 3+4*'s vs the B/G 5*'s too based on my data. It’s just probability with small sample sizes… and in some cases it just sucks to be us as individuals, but the larger data set is just fine.

Also I would suggest this is one of the easier things to code in the game, and I’m highly skeptical of it’s being broken.

Titan loot, meh. While I most certainly don’t get better loot from a loss in the low tiers where tier 1 for the loss might not be much worse than your base tier anyway, that I can certainly see… not so much for a higher level titan but I don’t know what you’re hitting. There’s a range, unfortunately large, to the loot table and I suppose the developers have a certain progression speed in mind but the drops are alarmingly infrequent for those of us with bad luck.

50 lvl -> Special Skill stay at 1st lvl. Is it OK?

Skill will automatically go up one point every time you ascend, so you only need to worry about the other points. :slight_smile:

Oh, really? Man, i have wrote that this is NOT my 1st Hero, so i know how it works. The problem is in lvl-up skill w.o. ascend. I mean with regular lvl-uping.

Then the answer is, yes.
Yes, it is ok that your special skill hasn’t increased.

Does it suck that you have bad luck with this hero?
It sure does. But sometimes we all get unlucky.

Is it the end of the world as we know it?
No, it is not.


Ohhh, its cool. Everything that doesn’t work right, can be explained with this simple word “Unluck”. Too good for crow, isn’t it?

Well here’s how it affects me:

I have tried to lvl up Special using the “all same color, 10 cards” method. I’ve also tried the “all same color, all 2*, 10 cards”. I’ve used the same hero (+25%), and lately I’ve resorted to the “rainbow 10 card” method.

The only thing I know for sure, is that for ME, I have the best luck lvling special between 15-30%. I have a few cards that refuse to lvl. Is this bad luck? I think so. Do I keep trying till they lvl? Absolutely.

Best of luck to you.


TU, bro. Wil try to make it. :wink:

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Our problem is that we expect increasing chance to lvl up with each try made. But the chance is calculated same way every try. My boldtusk failed to lvl up his skill almost 20 times. Than i finished it with 4 ups in a row. Just dont give up and keep trying.


I’m trying to lvl Sir Lancelot, I have reached lvl 30 by levelling him by the same hero but my special skill is still 1

I have a green 4 star hero. Level 40 and special skill 1. Ascend, special skill 2. After that level 50, special skill 2. joke. I have chance 30-40% but special skill did not improved. Now this hero special skill 7/8 but i have no more ascend and my heroe’s level is 51.

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2% chance of level up per 1* hero. So I levelled up with 100 1* heroes consecutively. Not a single special skills improvement. The odds of that is 10:1. Happened twice (200 1* heroes plus whatever 1* and 2* heroes I get during World games. The numbers are wrong. Closer to 0.5% in my opinion, so 200-250 heroes per special skill up. Disappointed.

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Before update 20% was good and possible. Now does nothing.

Hello there

I have the same problem since update, none of my heroes upgrade his special skill. It never happen to me before. The past 4-5 days I have levelled Azar and Valen, between 20 - 40% or even up to 50-70%. It just doesn’t level up their special skill. What I should do next as I don’t want to level up my other hero to have them 3/8 or 4/8… Could it be a bug??


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