Problem with Kingston’s attack debuff against fighter class

I found that when a fighter class hero is killed with Kingston’s special and they revive, the attack debuff is not present On the revived hero. Is this intentional behavior for all status effects?

I killed Joon with Kingston’s special and he revived and blasted me with a full strength snipe.

Well, if he is dead (or in ghost mode) after the first special (damage) the 2nd (buff) will not be set.

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I mean I can speculate the same, but I don’t know the what is the intended functionality by the developers

Pretty sure it is as @ll2000sr says and confirmed as working as intended by Petri in this thread relating to DoT/ healing debuff

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Thanks. Disappointing to be intentional, but I’ll accept it.

Now I’m a bit confused. I’m almost sure I saw my Proteus re-killing resurrecting fighters with his DoT.

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I think so too. But it makes sense because they died from that damage, the status effect was already there when they died and revived.

Kingston first applies damange and after that the effect so if they die the status effect never kicks in.

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Ah, that’s the situation. The DoT is not applied to begin with.

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Revive heroes keep dot they aready have.

If a hero dies from direct damage from a hero who ALSO does DoT (e.g. Marjana, azlar etc…) The hero will revive WITHOUT the dot.

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Proteus does no direct damage, so his dot is applied to any living hero.

This issue comes from the order of a special skill. Kingston first does direct damage, the applies the attack debuf.

If the direct damage kills the target, the debuf isn’t applied to the dead hero. If the hero revives, they never got the debuf.

If there was a hero whose special skill went: status ailment, direct damage (In that order), the status ailment would be applied before the hero was killed and would persist if the hero revived.


You did see that most likely

There’s a bug where DoT is still carrying over even though other buffs/ailments don’t

Saw it in the insane panther vid the other day


Though there is this too

The DoT i saw carried over was sartana so was definitely bugged

Unless the fighter died from Sartana’s DoT and not her direct damage right?

Because the question here is if the DoT even gets to be applied. As far as I understand - if it does get applied, the hero gets revived with it. If it does not get applied, i.e. the hero dies from the first hit, the hero gets revived without it to begin with.

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I’ll link the vid

U make the call

First of all - LOL at the number of items that bloody panther revived. I would throw my phone at a wall if that happened to me while raiding or in a war.

That being said, I think it’s as you said in the same thread, it’s a visual glitch - she died from JB’s hit and not the DoT. That the DoT icon showed up is the bug, not that she was revived without it.

Or at least that’s my interpretation

Edit : I just read the rest of the tread. I have no ■■■■■■■ idea, it’s for a sure some bug in that particular case where direct damage AND DoT are involved.


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