Problem with iron!

I got 40k of iron. After somebody raided me and stole 205 of iron, my storage shows now 205 iron , not 38 795. Check it please…

When you’re raided, only iron from the watchtower can be stolen. The iron in your storages is safe.
Did you recently put emblems on any hero? Some players don’t notice that this process consumes both food and iron.


No, nothing… what’s more… Now I logged in to the game and I have 213k… without any actions

Maybe it’s a kind of bug after update. I know my storage should be safe but it seems there’s something wrong. Without any action it shows different amount of iron every time I logg in

Nobody else reported similar problems so far, so there’s no a known issue regarding changing iron quantities.
Could you please provide some screenshots to show how exactly does your problem look?

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As @grzechol mentioned, this is not normal. Are you 100% sure you did not use your iron to craft some item, put emblems or upgraded any building? If you did not, then definitely this is a bug and you should send a support ticket with the time of occurrence and possible screenshots.

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The problem is that it is not happening now and I didn’t do any screenshots :frowning: but I’m sure I didn’t collect or spend iron then. For the first time I had in the storage exactly the amount of iron somebody stole during raid, and next time I had much more, even before collecting iron from stronghold or mine

Don’t worry just wait a couple of hours , Time will replace the iron you lost …


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