Problem with interaction of Poseidon and Hansel/Gretel

So… I just had an interesting issue/interaction with Gretel vs Poseidon. Gretel hit my Kage with her special. I fired Poseidon. Kage charged his mana (by accident) next turn. Kage took the damage from Gretel’s effect but his mana bar did not drop. When I clicked on him to use his special, I got a “possessed” message on screen. After making another move, Kage again took damage from Gretels effect. The next turn, he took damage again… and died. By Poseidon preventing Kage’s mana loss he ended up in this endless loop at max mana and taking damage every turn.

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I suspect a similar issue would occur vs Merlin, but that is theory only…

Its workig as intented!
Poseidon only prevents to get mana ailments…
He doesnt heal ailments… so if you receive that attack before Poseidon fires it wont heal the status ailment.
But if they shot after poseidon shot then yes your heroes will resist that ailment.

I completely understand that he doesn’t prevent the status ailment. The issue is that his effect prevents the mana loss effect from the Hansel/Gretel special but not the damage. As such, he’s making their special turn into a damage every turn rather than damage one turn and a loss of mana. It seems an unintended interaction.

As I see it, it should work one of several ways:

  1. Exactly as it works today, but allow hero to use their SS (so they take damage when mana bar is filled the first time, but mana doesn’t drop. Then user can choose to use SS preventing damage next turn)
  2. Only prevent Hansel/Gretels effect from being applied after, but not affect the triggering of the effect of Poseidon fires second. (So if Poseidon was second, hero takes damage and mana is reduced as per Hansel/Gretel normal effect)

Well i replied that because i also use Poseidon and if his buff are active the heroes resist the special skill…
The special from thoose heroes are only aplied in the next turn so i think its working as intended

The bug appears to be that the mana bar did not drop. Poseidon grants a resist to new effects. But this isn’t a new effect, and so it should not be getting resisted. Therefore the effect should be able to lower the mana bar as normal when the effect procs.

Best bet is to submit a support ticket, so that SG can take a look at the case. I’ll let staff know that there appears to be a bug here, and to expect a support ticket.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:


Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here!


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