Problem with good old players due to poor calls

strong text Dear moderator we have a problem … apart from this useless war do … win or lose the prizes are very poor, so it does not make sense, anyway…and then go away good old players who play for a year or 8 months, they are Vip for a year and they put a lot of money for the epic call but they never received a 5 star heroes, they uninstall the game and they go away … im DinDinamit Co-Leader from alliance IMPAVIDI RIBELLI 1.0 and I lost good old players only for this reason. maybe there is an essues? or a problem? I write the name of a member of my Alliance is called Zar … 35 level. the field all 20 level but in these 8 months never received 5 stars hero. WHAY? he wants to go away too. where the problem? do 8 months 10 calls in day epic and not receive a 5 star hero. look at your account, please. solve he’s problem please, and there are many like him. look at the account Id i can say after he,s call nik Zar 35 level and old player in Alliance IMPAVIDI RIBELLI 1.0. you can also send the answer on my email ••••••• … thanks dear Admin

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Fair complaints about the RNG, but it’s a no-no to post account identifiers, for the protection of the accounts involved. If you can’t do so, using that pencil icon at the bottom of the post, @Rook or @Coppersky could redact them.

oh thank you but when i whant edite my text… givet me loading and cant cange my text…i,m tryng hun.

Hi there!

Let’s see, there is a very good chance for 5* and 4* heroes from a Training Camp Level 20 (TC20):

5* = 5% chance
4* = 20% chance
3* = 75% chance

I didn’t get my first 5* until more than 8 months in, so, while it’s unusual, your friend is not alone. I got a 5* from a free epic hero token, and a second one from my TC20 (and seven 4*!)

I’m not sure if this will help your friend, but I hope so. :slight_smile:


Madam, I am willing to challenge you on your “unusualness” in that length of time to get first 5* hero. By that I mean, I think I will take longer than you did. :slight_smile:

For the record, I started playing since 01/09/18, F2P, so almost 4 months. My 3 4* heroes (traffic lights) have all arrived with the Free Summon Tokens.

I started playing April 2017. I got Magni a few months ago. So, 9 months? 10 months? :grin:

Just a suggestion, but when posts start out this way, I move on without reading the entire post. The AW are not useless. Raiding is not useless. Missions are not useless. There are people in the game that enjoy each and every part of the game. Yes, there are problems with each and every party of the game, but its not like S&G is opposed to fixing those problems or listening to what their customers are saying.

If there is a desire for people to actually read your entire post, then I’d refrain from overly strong critical remarks at the outset. Just trying to help and give a little feedback.


Hey my 5 star hero “sartana” stats do not match the stats on ur card preview of sartana fully upgraded .
I have her ability leveled up to level 8 and it shows 452% damage which is correct , but then her second part of ability only shows 204% damage over 6 turns when the card preview of her fully upgraded shows it is supposed to be 294 damage over 6 turn. Can u please fix this in ur next update? Thanks …

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The additional damage over time is based on the hero’s stats. Once you get Sartana to 4/80 with her maximum combat stats she will match the card displayed in the summoning gate.


The key phrase here is that a few months ago

Read again again…i sayd only for war…after war giving not goog primes…better from missions or titans…so read again and again…

Ok misuè…thank you for information

Thank you so m hun…ok then im so lucky…bicos playing only 2 months and allready have 2 five stars and all 4 stars lol…thet one each 5 stars hero Dalilah and Azlar…also rabbith 4 stars…anyway …so this random and giving by robot program…thank you for answer)

Yep, if you have all 4* in two months, with a sprinkle of 5*, you’re lucky as hell. :wink:

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Chances of 5 star is stupid low. I purchased 10000 gems and roll bundles back to back and out of 30 heros guess how many 5 stars i got? Zero and no bonus spin either. I have the annual vip which is garbage now. Guess how many 4 or 5 stars i got from free roll in 8 months…zero. i am just about done with this same.

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Same, I’ve been playing this stupid game for more than 1 year and I still haven’t gotten any 5 stars. I am not kidding I’ve wasted so much money on this game and thinking about quitting as I have no hope left. I am sick of this! It’s so annoying. I barely get any 4 stars either! While my mom who plays this game aswell, have gotten 6/7 5 stars and only played for about a month longer than me. This is stupid! I’ve lost all hope. I really hope they listen to us and takes that to heart.

Hi there, i petsonally share the same problem…i ve been playing for a couple of months and i always get 3* heroes on epic, seasonal and so on call, and often got double heroes, i ve got only ONE 4* star in many calls…I ve upgraded to VIP thinking something would change but seem to got worse…
Maybe i m just unlucky but see many new players has so many epic and leggendary heroes makes me feel kind of fed ip…It s a fun game and tou spend money for it…at least you should get some reward or a bit of luck sometimes…
Thanks for understanding

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