Problem with fighting vs titan


Can’t begin fight, titan’s energy don’t changes. Raids works right. I deleted game and installed again, but problem hear yet. ;c i’ll miss
our titan soon… thanks for helping, must waiting for tomorrow, i see -_-


Have you checked your network settings or tried a different network yet?

If so, contact support directly:


thanks, but no one wanted to answer me since yesterday… i asked in russian first, than in english next several times, so now the first request still open, and others after it in english was marked as “solved”, but my bug still here… so i have two missed titans… + accedently left alliance during the war to see may i attack other titan. dumb becouse was upset… so support may doing nothing, and bug will vanish with updating in weekend ;c or not. i want to stay on with my alliance, but all of this make it impossible.