Problem with event challenge


In the current event challenge, new high scores aren’t replacing the old ones on some stages. I repeatedly play the stages in the rare tier and beat my old score but it doesn’t update. It happens definitely in stages 3 and 6, maybe others. I wasted about 20-30 banners and stand to miss out on some good loot.

This happened both before and after the 1.13.5 build 757 update.



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Just compleated level 9 legendary … after I lost it in the first try … guess what ? Did not replace my score didn’t copleate the level wrrrrr


Sorry to hear about the problem! Please submit a new support ticket, so we can investigate this in more detail.


In-game support opens a white screen that stays white for more time than I have to wait. No hold music or anything.


Got passed the white screen. In-game support says to come to the forum. Aye. Great game, but I hope this bug gets fixed.


There’s a link on the page Petri gave you called ‘Submit a request’. That lets you contact Customer Support directly.


Thanks, Paulon. I submitted the request.