Problem with elemental chest (color boxes) and heroes



I have problem. I am playing this game for over a one year. Acctually I have only 4 (four) heroes with 5 stars, yesterday I have trained a red hero with 5 stars - this is my four 5 stars hero and first trained from 4 months of start training! My question is why I can not train the 5 stars hero so often (I still train 3 stars hero or sometimes 4 stars). And why the situation is similar in the draws - only 3 heroses with 5 stars on 1 year playing ??? My friends in The Alliance have 2 or 3 more heroses - in the same time playing.
My next question is: why I rearly not received elemental box (chest)? I have not had a box of fire or light for 3 months ago.
Please help me.

Best regards Xido


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