Problem with Alliance War matching

Whats going on with these Alliance war matchings being unfair. Putting us against alliances with extra 18 flags.

Do not ever complain about war matching before the end of the war.
I say to you, but it’s for all the people doing that.

You’re only scratching the surface by taking a look at the opponent.
You can’t know how many opt out from war nor their real benches.

I saw wars that suppose to be totally one sided were gladly balanced in the end.

TL;DR - do not complaint about matching in preparatione phase, it’s a nonsense.

Like complaining about a soup be too salty before even tasting it.


To add onto this useful advice, you can’t even see the number of participants or flags in War until it starts.

The opponent may have some players opted out.


In my honest opinion I think the war matchmaking has been excellent for quite some time. I am actually amazed how close if all flags are used our battles have been in our alliance. Let’s face it at the end of the day no alliance is going to win every war. Winning has a lot to do with strategies and also the individual player having knowledge of his heroes strengths and limitations and matching themselves appropriately against the individual opponent. Then of course there is always a little bit of luck involved. Again this is just my opinion and good luck in the next War!


Same here @AncientPirate1, some of the matches, from the immediate viewing, looked completely lopsided. Then it turns out that many of the competing alliance have either opted out or don’t participate. There are also MANY whom have a top tier Defense, but little to nothing in depth, as they spent all their AM’s on that one Defense.


First of all I have right to talk about unfair matching in these alliance wars. This is not the first time this has happened. In addition you can see the enemy alliances teams. and every member of that alliance has six flags. When alliance has 4 members over your alliance. Its unfair odds . It’s totally ridiculous. I won’t set my alliance up for failure because of the unfair war matching.

Sally, I think the thing you might have missed is, while you can go in and see the enemy alliance roster, you have no way of knowing if any of them have opted out of war. While the alliance might have 4 more people than you, they could have 4 people opted out, making it an even match number-wise.


Until the enemy is actually on the field we don’t know how many of their teams are actually going to be in the war. If you’re only looking at their roster, it doesn’t tell you if a number of players have opted out of the war.

They’ll still be members (on the alliance roster), but may not be on the actual field when the war starts.

The other posters are just asking you to wait and see how many actual teams are on the field at the start of the war. If indeed they field teams and end up with 18 more flags than you, please post screenshots as this would certainly prove you have a very valid complaint about the match making.

Hopefully, it won’t be the case and you’ll be evenly matched, perhaps even winning your war!


Would a could should a! And if they don’t. Your alliance was set up for failure. To smaller members and new players its very disappointing. Not cool at all. When this happens Ill pull my alliance out of war. The pay out aren’t all that anyway.

When the war start post a screenshot of the battlefield, and when it ends post the result.
If it is going to be a heavy difference (in number of member or points) i gladly side with you in your battle for a more fair matches.
But again, doing it before see the battlefield is a nonsense.

Just so you know i’m in an alliance with 2 members and get paired multiple times against 20+ members alliances.

It turns out it was a 2 vs 2, and i won by over 2000 points everytime.


Of course you have every right to complain about something not being fair. However, I think everyone who has responded to your post has suggested waiting until the war starts would give substance to your complaint.

Nothing has happened yet, as @Elpis has suggested take screenshots and post them - I look forward to seeing them. :smile:


What is the war score of the two alliances, yours and theirs?

Was that directed at me, or did you reply to me on accident? I can’t tell, as your reply has nothing to do with my post.

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