Problem with a change of name

I don’t think anyone is blaming you… just trying to figure out how to help.

At this point, is he’s not currently harassing you in game, there is nothing that SG can do. If the harassment is only thru WhatsApp, the issue needs to be handled with them. I don’t know that app well, but you can probably block him there.

If you block him there and he starts harassing you again here, THEN ask SG for help. Take screenshots of the harassment and report him immediately. Also, block him. Do exactly what he is using to track you - block him.

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Yeah you can block people from wassap, it’s odd though even if you block delete there number and they still have yours it’s still on there phone :woman_shrugging:
Sure they can’t contact you directly but still have your number

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Looks like v26 fixed this. You can no longer keep tabs on players that you blocked. There’s a thread in the bug section.


Thanks for noting the update. Here is the link. I’m going to mark this solved and close.

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