Problem with a change of name

Hi, I have had a problem when I have changed my name in the game. I was on an alliance, with my previous name, then I left it. When I left the alliance, I changed my name for free. But a member has showed me a video where he has checked my profile with my first name (it made no more sense, I had quite the alliance, so I should appear as exmember, but I was still there with my name). Then she clicked on my first name and see my new profile with my new name.

I have changed my name because I want to play more freely. I think it has been an error of the game, so I need another free change of name, because I don’t have the gems and, if I had them, I have no reason to spent them changing the name, because it has been an error of the game.


Can you please provide some screenshots?

I’m finding it a bit hard to follow exactly whats happened…?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think if you leave a chat message before you leave you an alliance, then your new alliance name will show up on the roster (or if you’ve fought the titan)?

I can’t remember exactly but I’m sure someone can explain how it would happen.


Yes, if you fought the Titan you can ‘track’ the player until the end of that Titan. Clicking on the persons name on the Titan list shows all their updated information such as new alliance, etc.

Not sure about chat, but I’m guessing that works the same…


I did not attack the titan. Also, I only post a message saying goodbye, then I left the alliance. A few minutes later I changed my name.
I know If you change your name while you are in the alliance, the people in there know it, but I left it and then I changed my name.
I see no fair that an old member can know my new name, so I demand a free name change.

As long as you said good bye in the ingame chat every alliance member can track you by just using the block function. No matter when or how often you change your name afterwards, you will be noticed by your original name in the blocking lists of the players that made use of it and when they click on that name, your new profile picture including your alliance will appear. That’s how many players keep track on other players for some reason.

Only possibility to get around this is by not posting any message ingame until your last post is gone. Additionally you should wait until the end of the titan and maybe any events you are in the top lists before you change your name, if that is really an issue for you?!

By the way, don’t care about other players knowing, where you are going. It’s your choice and decision. :wink:

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I need to solve it. It is a very important issue to me. I want freedom to play, I do not want this player keep threateaning me for some sick reason. If I cannot dissapear completely with a new name, I will not be able to keep playing.

I he has blocked me because he wants to follow me, no matter I do, if I change my name or not, I cannot continue playing. I cannot see how to block people to attack them can help players in a safe way. I need to be safe in the game. I will not enter in an alliance or even in the chat for 2 months, but if he has blocked me and can follow me, I cannot see what can I do.

If another player is harassing you in chat, you can report them. Details below:


He has threatened me in WhatsApp, where he showed me the video I mentioned. If I can do nothing, I better quit the game, because I suffer of anxiety disorder and other sickness and I need tranquility.
It is a pity that the bad ones always won.

You can block/ report him via WhatsApp rather than quitting the game entirely, that way you don’t have to deal with that players Shyte either in game or out of game…

Also, you can report players to SGG for their behaviour OUTSIDE the game if you have evidence I believe, just have to contact SGG Support.


Dude don’t worry! If they give you any beef just make a complaint don’t let them get the better of you!
Continue to play in your new alliance and have fun!

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Obviously I can block him in WhatsApp, but I want a free name change and the opportunity of not being followed by this player, who has multiple accounts. I only need this.

Well, I want to know if the people of the game are going to do something?? I think I have lost my energy trying to find justice and tranquility to play freely, but it seems they are going to do nothing, even they do not give the chance to change my name.
At least I simply want to warn other players, if they are in my situation, as this game works. The bad players will be safe while you can be erased.
Thank you all.

As has been pointed out, the harassment you’re receiving should be reported to SGG. They can and have shut down accounts for harassment. If the person bothering you loses their account, they can’t track you with a new one.

Small Giant isn’t watching these forums, and will not likely see your post. You have to contact them.

From what I’ve seen, you have no hope of getting a free name change. If it matters so much to you, spend the gems.

This game should be fun. If it’s a stress that can’t be fixed, find something else to play.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Just one little thing I don’t get:

How can someone contact you in-game?
As far as I know, there is no way to search a single player. So, as soon as your last message is out of the chat, they have no chance to follow.

If I’m reading what has been stated in this thread so far correctly - If you block someone, they appear on your block list even after they change their name and leave. Potentially, someone who had you ‘blocked’ could follow you to a new alliance and harass you in chats. @ll2000sr

The point seems moot, however, since OP could just block them, so they’d never see messages anyway.

I see, thanks a lot, somehow I missed that.

Thanks for the sincere words. Spend the gems… I don’t have the gems, and I contacted SGG months ago because another player insult me, in the chat and in WhatsApp, and they do nothing.
I only wanted some oportunity to keep playing, but it seems it is more important to people in charge to keep bad people safe. You have take out the mask.
I do not have guarantees even if I go to SGG, that’s clear.

Is your Alliance set to Open? Does the person you mentioned come to your Alliance and harass you?

Why don’t you set the alliance to Invite Only?

Why don’t you block that person on WhatsApp?

As I said in my first message, I was in the alliance, but I left it. And the harassment has been through WhatsApp.
Please, do not make a victim the guilty.

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