Problem whit eroes

Hi, i have this game from 2 years and i didn’t have a green eroes 5 stars, and green troops 4 stars. I bought many things in this time. Pleas resolve this problem because is impossible stay without green eroes an troops. Thanks a lot

@Luca_d while I sympathize with your dilemma, this is not a bug or issue. This is the result of some unlucky pulls :unamused: Unfortunately, you’re not the only player who does not have a 5* hero or a 4* troop after playing for a year.

Going to move this to the general discussion area as this is bad luck, not a bug :expressionless:

You’re not owed green heroes or troops because you spent money. SG isn’t going to say ‘whoops our bad bro here you go’.

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As stated, there’s nothing to be fixed. You’ve just been unlucky. Here’s some ideas to help increase the likelihood of you getting a 5* nature.

• If you only have one TC continuously running at level 20 switch to two.

• Don’t use your atlantis tokens or gems on atlantis summons unless one or more of the featured 5* heroes are nature heroes that time around. The odds of getting an unfeatured 5* are significantly lower.

• Since you spend. Instead of using gems as you buy them, try saving up all your purchased gems for the 4 months that the offered HOTM is any element other than nature. Then once the HOTM switches to green, use them then. Saving up all the EHTs and Atlantis Tokens you get in that 4 month period would also be wise since you can get the HOTM bonus from those aswell.

• Once you do summon heroes from the gates, only use your EHTs at the Epic hero summon gate, not your gems. If you don’t get a regular nature 5* or the HOTM bonus, hold onto your gems until the nature elemental summon rolls around again. This way if you get any 5* heroes it definitely will be a nature hero.

• If you can’t resist spending some of your gems on event summons and not just nature elemental summons; atleast resist pulling from springvale, return to morlovia, guardians, or fables. Since none of 5* event heroes offered are of nature type you’ll only be over diluting your odds. If you pull from sand empire, christmas, avalon, or pirates, if the RNG decides that you’re getting an event 5* and not a regular one then you atleast have a chance at getting a 5* nature.


I got Kadilen and horghall. #tc20x2.

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