Problem to enter in the game

Hello, I opened the game on the Android system to buy the promotion of the mythical titan and after that I tried to access the game on my Iphone which is Ios but the message appears that I can only access the game if I update the game on Ios but there is still no new one version. Does anyone know what I can do? I need to use my Iphone to attack the mythical titan. My android is very bad and only serves to buy promotions.

That has happened to me before. I play on both an Android phone and an IPad, but my IPad is what I use most. If you upgrade the Android version first, it can force you to have the same version on the IPad/IPhone before playing on that device. Apple takes up to a day longer to approve and make apps available (which is why you don’t see it available since v37 was just released), so I never upgrade my Android device until I upgrade my IPad due to the potential for a lockout situation. You can try contacting support, but they will likely tell you that you need to download the new IOS version, which Apple has not made available so it is out of their hands in a way. Also, keep watching because you never know when it will appear in the App store.

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