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Hi guys. Sorry to bother you again. I have a player in my team and he says he has some issues regarding a hero. He said it’s gone. He just switched him with another one and then that hero disappear from the roster. We advice him to contact you guys and he said he try to for about 1 hour but couldn’t log in. He’s nick is KI Cookie monster and he is a member of DeathEagle Clan. Can you help? Thanx in advance… DeathEagle

He needs to submit a support ticket in game. I don’t think there is any way for SGG to help him from your forum post.

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If he cant login?

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@DeathEagle You don’t have to log in to access the support ticket system. Have him use this link:

And good luck getting that fixed. Sounds very upsetting.


Thanks, @Garanwyn. I knew there was a link, but didn’t have it saved.

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