Problem in last war

in my Ally our best Player had win but in the end he had zero point

you can see in the pic the name is Sergio and i have sow a lot of zero point in that war, and some time the harrow load in 2 time, we spend money in the game and is not a better thing what appened

This will happen if he lost connection after battle and game will not send any result back. So he lost thanks time protection. Many players have problem like this one. In our alliance happening the same things.

Don’t blame the system for your bad connection,
Also you know its an online game … aka need internet to play/load/WORK!
If your connection went bad then its not SG problem!
It happened to me 5 times on last stage of halloween and I lost x5 16 W.E flags.
But I didn’t blame SG it was my connection and I know that.
So my Advice, don’t do war/titan when your connection isn’t strong.
Be smart, don’t do this to your self.

it’s not our firts day game, we know thet and i can olso dimostrate with a speed test, wen ther is a problem connection the game notificate that with a write like impossible to connect with the server, and that doesen’t happen in the war, we had that problem only in this war…

All of your member in the alliance can do that!!
Wow mate … its a ginuse alliance full of sintefic rocket members, I don’t know how to test what you said for my own.
Just WOW at your great team work management budy.

There is a definite bug in the war and we see it at least once in every war, either in our own alliance or the opponents.

During a battle, the device will freeze and lose the connection. This past war it happened to a player who was at home, playing right beside his son as they always do, sharing the same wifi source.

Watching a battle that goes on far longer than if should, then seeing that player has a red light, clearly showing they are offline but their name stay on the opponent for at least another 5 minutes, is clearly a bug.

We don’t like when it happens (at least to us!), but we just report it and call it the “war bug”.

Once it happened to both us and and the opponent in a war. That at least felt fair :blush:

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