Problem Hawkmoon Costume Won't Come Off

I have the Costume for Hawkmoon. I put it on a level 1 Hawkmoon that had not been leveled at all. I leveled Hawkmoon to the first Ascension wearing the Costume the entire time. The game will not allow me to ascend Hawkmoon. It says the level of the costume cannot exceed the level of the character. The game will also not allow me to remove the costume from Hawkmoon. I am using Android and my game is up to date version wise.

Hi Mate,

Unfortunately not a bug. This topic has been discussed a number of times, most notably on the Costume FAQs page, Levelling a Costume & Costume Common Mistakes (Links below).

In summary:

  1. Costumes are applied to each hero
  2. Each costume must be levelled individualy… Costume levels are NOT transferable.
  3. Costume levels can exceed the level of the base hero but CANNOT exceed the ascension level of the base hero
  4. You can equip/not equip the costume. but as above, the costume levels are NOT transferable. each must be levelled individually.



My hawk moon is fully leveled. Only it seems the custom can not be removed. I have hit the unequip button several times. I have also restarted the game and my phone. The costume is still on hawk moon no matter what I do.

Hi @Rachel1, would you have a screenshot of it?

There are a couple things that it may be:

  1. If the hero/costume is used in a defence team, it will be locked (i.e. cannot change/use the other form of it)
  2. not confirming the equip. In the latest update, they made it so that the toggle arrows didn’t Equip the costume/unequip it. Now to un/equip the costume, you have to use the toggle arrows as well as hitting the “Equip” button. Further, if the hero/costume is currently used in one of your teams, it will bring up a confirmation button.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Rachel1! You don’t actually unequip a costume, you don’t want your hero to be nude! Just wear the the regular outfit. Try switching to your regular Hawkmoon with the arrow button and pressing the equip button to equip the original form. I hope this helps!


It appears the question has been answered and links to help provided. Noting this is not an actual bug, I’ll close this thread.

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