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I have been playing for quite some time now and during alliance wars I only get 3 flags with no additional flags at reset. Can you give me any info on this or maybe fix the problem ? I appreciate your time in looking into this for me ! Have a great day !


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Just to get this clear, what do you mean with “reset”?

If it’s killing all the teams on the other side and all teams respawning, you won’t get any additional flags from that.
A war goes for 24 hours and after 12 hours you will get the additional 3 flags.
If that’s not the case, I would advise you to contact the support.

Seems to be a language barrier going on in the other thread.

Should that other thread be merged here now? Same person, same general theme.

I’ve closed the other thread and left this one open. However, there appears to be a language barrier. Without a screen shot, I don’t know if more help can be added. The linked post above contains the basic mechanics of the war.

I am nearly sure that developers can have access to activity logs. So if Swordsman, like suggested at the end of the other topic, will report a bug using the game feature ‘report bug’, probably the developers can check the user activity log and verify if he actually encountered a bug and probably the reason why the bug happened. We users can’t help him anymore, I assume, only developers.

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First of all, please explain what is “reset”?

How many attacks did you do in the last war?

@Swordsman1669 can still screenshot the war activity and how many flags he has left. If the war activity shows he made 3 attacks and there are no flags left then that is indicative of a problem.

Oops missed the numbers …

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Or @Swordsman1669 can also go to battlefield and push the :gear: button 》 Attack Teams, and count how many heroes have been used. Is it only 15 or 30?

Guessing they may think once 3 flags are used and there is a reset they get another 3 flags. :woman_shrugging:
First 3 flags to start war by the 12 hour mark you get another 3 that’s it.

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But I never get the 2nd set

Take a screenshot showing your available flags before you use any. Then take another screenshot 12 hours later. You should have 3 flags at the beginning and 3 more after 12 hours. It doesn’t matter how many enemy teams are left on the field, or how many times your alliance resets the board. 6 attacks per player per war. If you aren’t getting 6 flags total, submit a support ticket.

It should look like this before you use any flags. If you use all 3 in the first 12 hours, it should have 0 flags when the timer shows 12:01 left, and 3 flags again when it shows 11:59 left.

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