Problem.....Big problem

Hello…I play your game from May 24, 2018, you can tell me why I haven’t got the yellow 4 * draw from the draw yet, I feel discriminoeany from the other side … I would understand to play a short time but it’s been a very long time … and my question how much more I have to wait, because of you I have no equal chance for a fair game … the same applies to branches of other branches color, especially discriminate my account ??? you will write to me again that there is no problem you have no influence on the draw … people are almost 2 years of playing … from the very beginning I didn’t get anything from you … unless I paid for it … the trail goes to me how you treat my account … .other case…by your unfair card sharing as in kong…miki…ranvir or tarlark … is getting rid of allusx top because I have no chance to get the right amount of points … how much I will have to know discrimination on your part ??? how many … what was chofzi here I was patient but as I see that others get 5 cards from the congress … and I have nothing for almost two years … I can’t describe my anger … unless you fix this mistake because it is a mistake … I am finishing with you … I have enough … waiting … and you are doing nothing to justly divide the prizes … or cards … Sincerely your player

I like ellipses too…

This isn’t a bug


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