Problem after last upgrade

I have problem after last upgrade because always when I fight the game turn off. I lose A lot of energy on nothing so can You fix it.

Not sure what is causing your issue, but perhaps this will help:

Since the last patch, I seem to be losing gems. I will be close to 300 and getting ready to make a purchase soon. When I log in, I find I’m missing almost half of my gems. And this has happened to me twice so far. The latest time was today when I was up over 270 gems then log in and find I’m missing at least 100 gems or more.


После последнего обновления 1.11.5. Зависла игра.по лет боя и карта прыгает.не фокусируется на одном месте.исправьте ошибку.

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Поле боя и карта прыгает.

I have noticed that the free daily summon has not been free. It still uses on of my tokens.

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Уважаемые разработчики.по поводу моей ошибки с прыгают им экраном после последней загрузки вы исправили ошибку на 12 часов.сегодня опять повторилось.убедительная просьба исправьте ошибку

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Hello. I have a problem with my diamonds. Yesterday, I had about 2,700 diamonds on my account. This morning when I logged into the game I saw that I have 2000 diamonds. I am asking for help, I do not know if this is a game update or something else. I wanted to draw a lot of heroes in the morning. Now I can not.

Попрежнему поле боя и карта прыгает, играть не возможно.


Hello. Yesterday lost sound in game. I reloaded game, my device, but nothing changed. Please help

I also have problem after updated What can I do ? This is happen many times per day help me pliss…

Уважаемые разработчики, у меня в игре полностью пропал звук! Перезагрузка игры и ipad не помогает. Помогите решить проблему!

Написали что устранили лаги, а у меня всё дёргается. Все обновления что были не вызывали проблем, после последнего играть невозможно.

I have problem too…game is keep jumping up and down…i really dont know what to do… it’s been updated and everything after that doesent work …cannot even play…


Since the recent update my game is glitching/jumping can’t play the game at this point which is a headache for me because WAR is in 8 hours or less… please fix ASAP!!!


Уже 7 дней карта и поле боя прыгает,играть невозможно. Бывает единичный шанс нормальной игры.

Hello. Why to me 4 months don’t come heroes of month, heroes of an event, color chests and good prizes for victories??? Correct please!

Last my gem… s

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I also have the same problem I lost 40 gems yesterday

My app is experiencing the same problem and I’ve messaged support with no response
Lmk if they end up fixing yours or if you fix it pleaseeee

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