Problem account

I can not take it anymore.
I think seriously now that my profile has a problem a bug, it is not possible that I play now for 15 months I have thrown some money and I can never ever take a hero 5 stars. .
I’m at level 58 playing like crazy but the only heroes I have are those found by training 20.
please check my profile in some way because otherwise it makes no sense to play.
I would not complain but I have reached the end all manage to take heroes of the month heroes from events even with single calls and I can never ever take anything. . .
I’m sorry but if you do not help me somehow I’ll have to leave.
thanks for all, good day

@Francesca - Just and FYI that this forum is monitored by players like you, and not SG staff. Any issues you may have with your account should be sent to SG via a help ticket. Sadly, no one here has that access :unamused:

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