Probably an easy question for most of you – Would you take some time and build thing up to level 20 or should I plug away and get my Stronghold to 24 as quickly as possible

With this roster you only need training camps at level 11.


The best source of 4* ascension items, and emblems, for 5* heroes is 14* titans.

You should seriously consider looking for group of affiliated alliances, so you can work your way up to the alliance fighting 14* titans. Once you find the group, a lot of your level 12+ buildings will depend on their play style.

Do you need harpoons to get titan parts?

Mines for battle items?

Forge 17 to get more 3* ascension items, and emblems, for alliance war 4* heroes?

Your alliance will also refine your play style. Once they know your play style, they are the best source of advice about your base.

Once you have enough 5* heroes, Empires becomes about emblems, 3* / 4* ascension items, and kits/ backpacks.

4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires. Forge level 17 is the backbone of class quests. 14* titans are the backbone of loot. But money is the backbone of 5* Heroes.