Probably a silly question, but who gets the compass?

Waiting has it’s own pros and cons, has been talked about already, and you’re smart enough to weigh that option on your own. I will lay out the two options from your original question,

Hu Tao I got very late, ignored when I did, but have found some use. He was key for me in Morlovia for example and part of the reason I beat Advanced with all 4’s. His damage is not great, but can kind of survive. I have mine +1 because revive happens.

I found AoE blind to be amazing. I am pretty sure you run mono and yellow is healer poor. You don’t need what healers you do have to keep up with damaged that missed. This can be the difference of bringing an on color healer or not too. I utilize him in that context as an aggressive defense on an attack team. He does get used a little less now because I have Justice maxed who does the same thing.

Especially compared to the other vanilla yellow 4’s (which I have ranted about previously and repeatedly) that blind to save the team is useful IMO. While I do use Justice, Hu Tao can do the same thing for a much less expensive resource value.

Gafar I wish I had. He is a fast purple 4* sniper that counters healing. Purple has some great 4’s, but of the vanilla lot none of them snipe. You need to get up to the 5’s to find a sniper (Domitia, Sartana, etc.). He offers some value in that sense and his A value is pretty high.

He is very squishy is the general complaint. I am assuming he won’t get emblems, but purple has a lot of great healer options too, many of which I know you have to help keep him alive.

He is also great in cleric trials as a damage dealer. Otherwise that can end up feeling like a decade long slap fight against a mountain. Earning emblems easier isn’t a bad thing if you have nothing else to do. Although I think you skip those some times.

If you’re not embleming him he won’t make your raid team. He could make a later war team, especially on field aid to utilize the heal counter.

I think they both have value, it’s just what skill set you want to max first. I am jealous of Gafar (something else I have ranted about previously and repeatedly :laughing:) but could see Hu Tao getting play in provinces, challenges, etc. Both heroes could work to make ToL easier. You had mentioned that is nerve racking :+1:

:man_shrugging: good luck. Let us know what you pick and how it goes!


PS: @Gwniver, there is a F2P thread in the Community Content section. All welcome any time :+1:


These are what I have for purples already. Sorry for sloppy order, was just trying to shove them all into one neat little picture (in no particular order).

As you can see, they are all very thirsty for feeders… need moar food!

Thankfully, my red and blue teams are basically at full standstill, so my purples can eat those feeders too.

Nice purple stack @TGW!

I could see a team where Gafar fits. You could try something like:

Sabina - Tibs - c-Rigard - Domitia - Gafar

Domitia’s yellow D boost helping Gafar live along with the two healers. Everyone is average except Gafar so you may have to hold fire depending on the situation. Since Domitia also debuffs you could go double Rigard too depending on the enemy. I could also see a Grimble or Cyprian sneak in there or going single healer depending on the enemy.

Good luck!



Iv only taken hau to 3/60 iv never really used him and yellow is my weakest colour, and like twg compass is prob the 3* mat that adviods me. I have 4 at the moment and can survive at the moment as most on last teir except rigard who are just started.
Once his costume comes out it may make him a bit more better I think he has -healing at the moment added to his special and with costume bonus and mana troop could be very handy. Not sure when it be available and you got to get it aswell but as a 4* the odds are slightly better.

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When I first pulled Grimble, I was disappointed. He didn’t look that great.

But after having faced him in a couple of wars now… he’s not just effective against minions. He’s actually kind of scary even if you don’t have minions. That’s why he’s next on my list after Proteus is done.

Gafar really useful especially on emblems quest where u can prevent vivica or friar tuck from keep healing

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I just fed Hu tao one month ago after the poor job he did in a non dark tournament. He was always benched so i had absolutely no use for him.

On the other hand Gafar seems to be really solid. Purples 4☆ doent have lots of snipers so hes very welcomed.

Good luck!

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As a collector, I intend to keep them both (even if I never use either one of them). Was mostly wondering what the general consensus was on which one is better (because even though I’m keeping both, might as well ascend the better one first, in case I might have a reason to use it in the near future).

General consensus seems to be that I should just hold the extra compass for now though, so that’s what I’ll do until I pick up another one.

TGW, i got the compass :slight_smile:
Last 3 days i got 3 compasses. So I suggest you to wait.
I maxed Danzaburo, 2. Kelilee, 3rd Sonya etc. I don’t use them. I wish i maxed some 3* heroes instead.
I dont know how many yellow heroes you have, Hu Tao is good but i don’t think he is very useful. Only for 5tack yellow with Wu Kong.

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How many yellows? Hmm… let me assemble a picture of my yellow team (it’s probably my least impressive of all the colors)…

I know, kind of meh overall. But that’s what the game gave me, that’s what I have to work with.

Sometimes i use Hu Tao with Wu Kong. His blinding ability can save the match at war. You can use Li Xiu and Hu Tao with Wu Kong, i believe it will be impressive.

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Yeah, Hu Tao’s blind can be useful at times. This is where I was kind of stuck. I already have a lot of purples, and still working on more… figured I might be able to use a new yellow, but Hu Tao doesn’t get much respect around here.

In the long run, I plan to finish both of them regardless of what anyone else thinks I should do. Main point of the thread was to help me decide which one to prioritize first for maximum effectiveness.

Hu Tao would still be worth maxing eventually - if you decide to join 4* Tourneys or Events later on, he could combine decently well with Li Xiu for example. Cut their mana, then blind them… will help with survival :slight_smile:

And despite being slow, the blind to all can definitely come in handy in quests/map. I used my Hu Tao to great effect in the 4* emblem quest challenges

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Hu Tao is a good hero. I am not regretful to max him. I was very CTP, and turned to be FTP. So i think using Hu Tao with Wu Kong will be a good choice. For 18 months, i got around 10 pcs 5* heroes. I had to use my heroes effectively, that the reason i maxed Hu Tao.

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I think it’s worth considering Hu Tao for the new rush wars. Obviously in day to day play Gafar is better, but as you’ve stated, you probably won’t be regularly using either of them. However, v. fast Hu Tao (even if only used once in a blue moon) would be a valuable hero, while Gafar will merely be a collector’s item.


If you struggle with seasonal events and such Hu Tao helps more then Gafar. Morlovia I blinded with Hu Tao, slowed mana with LJ, then stopped mana as needed with Gretel. If you don’t have Gretel an equally effective strategy is blind with Hu Tao, slow with LJ, drain with Li Xiu. The slow down from LJ exacerbates Li’s relatively low percentage cut.

I know it’s not mono, so you could drop LJ, but thought I would throw it out as a solid vanilla hero tactic.

Slow mana is only a problem in raids and wars too. There are always mana pots in the other game arenas to ensure they fire when needed.


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I had the same feeling when I got him as a HOTM. However, things have changed so much one year after.
Maybe he’s got just a small niche, but this niche has grown with the new minion maker heroes that have been coming up along this year.

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He’ll be great for Christmas. He’ll have plenty of minions to eat and his purple matches well with the yellow mobs they mix in :+1:

Does he eat the minions or does his goat? … do I want to know? …


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If both Grimble or his goat had to eat all those minions, maybe they would ask Kirill (or you) for two pints…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I don’t know how many types of minions there are now.

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I would do Gafar because he is a cleric whose special does (some) damage as well as heal. I use him in the relevant trials. Hu is good for rush tourney and farming…

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