Probably a silly question, but who gets the compass?

I’m currently very short on compasses… only had 2 and they are both already reserved (one for Proteus, one for Grimble).

Thanks to Farholme, I now have 3. Yay! So I get to final ascend a third hero.

Here’s the thing. I have no more blues or reds worth ascending at the moment. I have plenty of greens, but no sturdy shields. So I’m left with yellow and purple. Which leaves me with two possible options:

Hu Tao or Gafar?

Seemingly obvious answer would be Gafar, right? As Hu Tao is generally not super popular.

As for “which color do I need the most?” Well I don’t really need either one, I have enough of every color to field 6 decent war flags. And yes, my other two compasses are already designated for purple heroes, so that will leave me a bit heavy on purples (meaning I’m less likely to ever actually need Gafar). However… I’m probably equally unlikely to ever use Hu Tao much.

So roster-wise, just assume that I don’t particularly need either one. Which one would you rather have ascended personally?

  • Gafar
  • Hu Tao
  • Doesn’t matter

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Compass is available today on winter fun deal for $1.99.
Personally, don’t think I would level either. Maybe work on 3* for tournaments and wait on a worthy hero for compass?


I’m currently non-spender status, so buying is a not an option.

I figure by the time I get another worthy hero, I’ll probably get another compass.

Most of my team is comprised of 4* heroes and that is good enough for me for now. I have no intentions of moving towards big spender status. I have two TC20s running and neither one has shown much promise of delivering a good unique hero anytime soon.

Besides that, I am a collector type. I intend to keep and ascend both Gafar and Hu Tao eventually. I’m leaning more towards Gafar first, but since I’m also currently working on two other purples, I thought maybe I should show yellow some love in the meantime. But not if Gafar could end up being more useful.

Oh and as for 3*… most of them are already maxed. Including costumes when available.

IMO…If working on two purples, Gafar needs to get in line and Hu Tao is the winner.

TC20 can be frustrating. With two running the 4 & 5* hero’s will show (eventually). Good luck.

BTW. Your posts on meme thread are hysterical :grin:


No “wait for a better hero” option in the poll?
I used “doesn’t matter” instead, but I don’t know if others did the same

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I have both. I occasionally use Gafar, just about never use Hu. Not a ringing endorsement but in this case, go with fast mana.

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The thing is, I already have a lot of finished 4s and 5s in every color. I have a ton of awesome green heroes that are worthy of a compass, but no sturdy shields. The odds of me getting 4 sturdy shields before getting one compass are probably extremely low. The odds of me pulling and leveling a new unique 5* hero in any other color before getting another compass are also extremely low. I already have literally every vanilla 4* hero in the game and most of them are already done.

You have only 1 compass, why waste it on a hero which you do not need. Wait for another hero, new hero or a useful duplicate like 2nd Proteus.

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Have 3 compasses. It took me more than 2 years to pull one Proteus. I find it highly unlikely that I’ll ever pull another one.

Overall theme here seems to be that neither hero is worth. Though as a now F2P player, I am fairly certain that I will probably acquire another compass long before I acquire a new hero worth ascending. That’s my fault though for asking here. Have to remind myself that most forum posters are used to pulling 5* heroes every other week, not once every 3 months like I’m accustomed to.

Yes, but 2 of them are already booked. I would suggest to wait for another useful hero or wait for the shields.

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Fair point, but what are the odds that I will acquire 4 sturdy shields before getting 1 compass? I figure by the time I get the shields, I will also probably have another compass.

Well, then wait for 2nd compass, give it to Gafar, after getting the 2nd one. You still may find a use for him.
Keep your options open.


Fair enough. I’m not exactly in a rush, just got a little excited when I saw Farholme pop because it meant I could finish another hero, and I’m starting to run out of heroes to work on. So I may reach a point where I have no choice but to pick one to finish just to gobble up my feeders.

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I am so new, but I would chose Gafar. And I can relate to what you describe; I sometimes wish there was a dedicated section on the forum for F2P players, actually - would make it easier to spare with those ‘on the same field’. But of course, we are all in the same boat, and so many great advice to give each other, no matter what - thank you, all :slight_smile:

I go with Gafar, because of my own experience though; I sometimes had to walk away from a challenge event or something else, simply because there was too much healing going on, in the opponent´s team. And, he is fast too. And he dispells! I like fast Heroes. It´s a personal decision, I get that. :slight_smile:

I struggle to get any kind of ascension materials for my few 4 * s too, which is frustrating, so use it wisely is a good approach.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I’m f2p, and I advise to wait.

I believe waiting is even more important if you’re f2p.

You never know when you’ll hit a lucky streak and not having a compass you spent on far would be frustrating.

(Gafar, not “far”, and no, I can’t see enough of the text box to edit that. Browser afu)


Just did a quick check / estimate… in 26 months of play, I have accumulated 42 compasses if my math is correct.

If that rate holds, I fully expect to get another compass before pulling 4 sturdy shields or a unique 5* hero.

However… I will defer to the majority here and save the remaining compass for the time being.


I would choose Gafar. He and Ceshire Cat are the only 4* fast purple. Valueable in bloody battle turney and Field Aid war.


He would be my choice as well, I’ve had him since summer 2019 and still not finished. But I suppose I should hang onto that last compass “just in case” I pull a HotM or something in the meantime (highly unlikely I think, but I posed the question to the forum and the forum has spoken). If I pull another compass in the meantime though, I won’t even ask here. Gafar is getting it.

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I’d say gafar cleric that hits for trials is handy.

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Gafar, a sort of snipe-y Purple (the vanilla 4s are great, but only Tibs does direct damage…) in my own 4 Purple squad I’m missing direct hitters.

good addition for 4* tourneys, events etc.

i do think waiting is prudent, but I also agree that you probably will get another 4* Shields soon enough so there’s no harm ascending Gafar now - shiny new heroes are fun!


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