Pro alliance dashboard tool

So couple of geeks got together and share trying to free up some time – it takes a lot of effort and time to kill titans well, see everyone’s deck and plan wars.

We have real folks, with real lives – it’s too much :slight_smile:

Made a small gateway, google based (everyone seems to have it) data gets pushed centrally , updates in a different areas are real time

Right now can pull in everyone’s complete heros and push static data… then use s lot of that to build team (excludes what they don’t have; data validated, 5 min updates)

It’s pretty much automated off the users entries — leaders just get a report, which can be raw or automatically pivoted. They don’t do anything

Happy to demo, would love to collaborate, team is professional – got pMp, Pmi - app, a data guru, solution design, etc

I’ve looked st a lot of what’s out there, and it’s fantastic, but not what I’m after –
088631 of

(Ss of teams proto)

Looking for problems to solve to free up time – diversify the user stories in the backlog


By any chance is there a private, simple API I can tie into to pull limited but relevant data?

Like the Titan hit log?

Ideally - would eventually like to get this integrated with WordPress or an app or something –

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Edit: I build stuff for a living – take a data agnostic approach; more concerned with the mechanism and that it can handle / expand that what flows through it )


Got first iteration done - working on a teams tab

Pick the hero (version number included)

Set line up

20 bugs or so, but good on testing

Will post back here next week, out of town

Set your inventory once
Pullback static data from central repository

Only those heros are available to place in a team

For leaders – you inventory data (and 29 others) pulls to central sheet and collates automatically, self organizes into a pivot, in Real time

Can be embedded as a read only dashboard - zero to minimal intervention

Want to get away from trading screenshots,

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IChugging along … mostly finished a “gateway” of sorts – feeds a dynamic dashboard for Titans and war

Data from members -> dashboard planning -> updates from leaders -> members dashboard (read only)

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Are you planning to make this public in any way?

Eventually, I’d like to – rolling in the alliance; google sheets is amazing – but a bit fragile at times

Prefer a more mobile friendly format

Need a standardized data import, documentation, etc

For example - I’d worry about this breaking in Google in ways I’d never really think about on other platforms – but the flexibility … hard to give up :slight_smile:

I Just a small update -

The google portion is done; but with a desire to be mobile optimized - we moved support the front along to a small website to feed the data; this opens the door for things like deeper analytics, translations, etc.import (aside from lightbox/adobe, box, google, onedrive,) — and export (social networks, local drives)


Having the heroes (and other items, troops, etc) in a responsive database lets them be chopped up and compared by pretty much any trait you can add - and be globbed onto any other datapoint which helps when trying to add in dynamic non game information – which helps enable multi alliances due to scale

I want this, I have that, help me configure these, what order do I do these — tough questions of the day :slight_smile:

There’s a social element to group individuals, data those individuals can add and display what they have managed to collect without the fragility and tedium of google @%$&^ sheets. The static data works really well — the dynamic - like always - has a lot of holes.

Next is Integrating a really solid form builder - finished the ability to pull back manipulated data from google (for the heavy lifting — which also means reusing the sheets and connectors when people leave (no need to add new sheets…just an email or in game name)

So chugging along - will add in some pics when I get my phone back; been a fun exercise in reintegrating a lot of custom elements

If any creative types read this - would like some suggestions on tools that should be connected to for

Seeing what you’re doing I wish I knew any programming. Great effort, looking forward to seeing your further progress and the end product!

Happy to Chat with solution design folks — familiar with Google suite and Wordpress

Going to start documenting soon — the 8th circle of hell

Workshop is likely first for creative media types… have it set to sync files in a particular way on the sites levels so concentration — fun fun

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