PrizeChests- Missing Wanted Elemental mission chests

What ever happened to ice, fire, nature and holy chest? When I first started playing a couple of months ago I fought the ice monsters and won the chest, but now I’m fighting plain monsters for the plain chest. Will those chest come back?

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Have you only gotten one color specific chest in a couple months?

Yes, it was blue the rest was plain

I did not realize there was a difference in the titan loot as it has always been the same loot that I have seen … I will keep a closer eye out now … thank you for this knowledge.

You roughly get a color (green/blue/red/yellow/purple) chest every 20 filled “normal” brown Monster/Raid/Titan chests.

Not titan loot, there is 3 chest below your profile picture the first one is monsters, raids and titans chests.

I have been tracking my elemental chests since December - if this was true I’d be much happier. My experience puts these spawning between about 30-50 chests, or about every 7-10 days for me. The mean number is 34 from my (limited) data. Fastest I have had is 27, though I have known a few people who have gotten them back to back, and others who have been waiting months.

So, I guess it varies from person to person

Another RNG dependent statistic. My last elemental chest was on 3/7, 47 chests ago.

Yes and no - it’s not person dependent, it’s RNG dependent, which inherently varies person to person but who you are has no bearing on it, if that makes any sense.

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