Prize for the best atacker in war

You should give a prize for the best attacker in war. Otherwise, what’s the point of showing them there ant at the end?

You should put this in the ideas & feature request thread.

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No, not really. War is a team effort. It would only encourage reckless competition with everyone trying to get the highest score come hell or high water. War effort is most effective when alliance coordinates their hits, and leave weaker or chipped teams for the weaker members of the alliance to clean up. This isn’t a one man show.


Ooh no, absolutely against that.
War is a team sport.

People would be poaching clean ups between hits or waiting for others to do the hard work.

And the prize would either be rubbish, in which case people would whinge like when A+ titan loot is rubbish, or it would be good and cause division.

Individual prizes for events and chests. Team prizes for war.


This would also cause issues with lone wolf alliances. For single players who run their own alliance for small titans and wars, giving a bonus over and above the current war prizes just for winning, or worse, just for playing if thrre’s a prize for top scorer in a given alliance would be a lot less fair than the current system.

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That is so true, it is a team battle. I was wondering would you all consider giving the team that clears their opponents side first a bonus for their hard work. Like extra points for the reboot or extra gems to the team as an incentive.
Thank you so much in advance!!!

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