Private messaging system


Am I the only one that thinks a private messaging system would be super useful? They already have a mailbox! All they gotta do is add a few buttons to private message people on their “player info” and a window to type in.
Anybody else out there agree with me?!


Although I agree with you have you tried LINE?


This has been already ruled out. “Please Read Before Posting”


@Chris30osu What is LINE?
@Almeida And well that’s lame… I dont have a bunch of extra time to search the forums for old topics, sorry if that bothers people.


@SirDarius Its a app that a lot of alliances use for better communication. Love it or hate it this forum and (Line) is what we have to work with.


So has trading but there are a lot of posts about it. I understand the reasoning behind not to have it but we can wish.


Interesting. I been using discord with a handful of my alliance members. Might check out line.


Whatever works for you. A lot of players also use LINE for alliance recruitment and for communication with players outside of their alliance. I would consider talking it over about switching. Nothing against your current method but this is the first time hearing of discord but hear many many players talking about Line. Again though do what works for you guys but I think Line would be a food think to have if you needed to chat with someone you meet in forum. Good example being, I asked a fellow forum member to send me a certain chart through line. I couldn’t ask him/her to download another app for my convenience if I had something else.