Private messaging on the forum?

I don’t know what this means. I thought only Mods could pm someone. any explanation?


Not sure @Saphirra but I think this will sent you a message to your e-mail account if someone replied to you at forum.
@zephyr1 @Garanwyn ?


Thats exactly what happens, the message goes to the registered email account


Ok. Thanks you @Sorsha and @DragonSnake. You can close this if u want to now @zephyr1


It’s true, on this Forum only the moderators and Staff can message people.

But the Discourse software supports private messaging in general — it’s just disabled on this Forum.

So that setting is effectively irrelevant.

The setting that @Sorsha and @DragonSnake are referring to for getting an email notification for replies is this one:


Ah. That makes sense. Why is it disabled, do you know?

I’m not sure. It might just be off by default.

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Ok. Well thanks for explaining that to me, srry if i’m dragging you from 20. I’m still reading it

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Today, after replying for the xxxx. time to another, I got a message like “try to convince other people to join the conversation or write a private message” - so this thing is still enabled, even if there’s no possibility to write a PM? Confusing :slight_smile:


I am a moderator on another forum and a chat mod in another game.

Usually the Devs match the game and forum so no PM in game. No PM on forum.

I my experience PM, both game and forum, consume huge amounts of development cycles and staff time as permanent bans and device bans require staff accounts.


Messaging is disabled so @zephyr1 can’t make friends

His life belongs to SG and moderation now


yeah, one of the first badges you get says, dkljfdls

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this makes a lot of sense.

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Is there a way to send a forum member a direct message? I can find the member I want to talk to on a post, and I click on their profile but I don’t see a way to message them.

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@AtlasCowichan No, this Forum has private messaging disabled, except when initiated by moderators or Small Giant Staff.

The software itself supports it, but Small Giant has chosen not to allow that feature, much like game chat doesn’t have direct messaging.


Ok, thanks. Thanks Zephyr. Funny enough it’s a mod I’m trying to PM. So if Coppersky gets wind of this hopefully they can PM me, or add me on Line: .Atlas.

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You can still ping a user using mentions:



( ) says

last seen Oct 27
last liked post Mar 24
last reply Mar 15

This forum seriously needs a PM function

At least to PM mods.

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