Private Messages & Friends Lists, Player Search - Please add your comments & ideas here!

A report in private chat presumably would be seeable by the game staff anyway, as would all PM’s.

It’s not a reason for not having it as a result, any game logs all so it’s never he said / she said or similar.


Screenshots can prove any issues and blocking is always an option. I’d love a whisper option. It’d help keep certain things private. Everyone always chimes in with something about Line to that but dropping your line ID in a global chat is just inviting those unwanted private messages to another platform.


Whisper would be a great option. Might even clean up the chat rooms a bit as some of the more adult natures chat would be kept out of the main room and done in private. I want to see emojis be made available…I like typing with smiley faces, that’s just me though…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Good day.
My name is Dmitry. I represent the Alliance of the Lords. We have an offer for you to improve the interface of your project. For all players, it would be good news if you could realize the ability of the players to communicate with each other not only through a general chat, but also with the help of a personal mailbox. This will greatly facilitate the search for players and their communication, which will make the project more convenient and attractive.
Thank you for your time.

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There are two things to consider: 1. There is the option to block players, so if you get a PM that is bothersome, you block that individual. 2. There are times when it is beneficial for players to be able to discuss things, in game, without needing a separate app, especially for new players joining a guild. A player’s maturity level is what makes misuse possible, really, and I get your trepidations, but there is a lot of benefit in the function.


We use line app too it’s a great way to communicate and doesn’t take away from the game. I believe that just the Leader should be able to PM any member and tell them get their sht straight or I’m ejecting you lol :joy:


I may be missing it but there needs to be a private message function. I’m in an alliance where I want to contact the leader but he doesn’t seem to read alliance chat so I can’t get in touch. This is a fairly standard function, why is it missing?


Not sure why it’s missing, but many players make use of the Line app (available from either the App Store or Google Play).

I can’t answer why a dedicated PM system doesn’t yet exist, but our alliance uses Line until such a system comes into being. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can understand why there is no pm option globally, I think there will be too much harassment. But it could be implemented in an alliance, right? Or at least a noteboard for strategy and comments. Since the chat disappears, you just can’t use it, especially if you have an international alliance with different timezones (which I do have). We put basic titan strategy in the alliance description, but that is only 200 characters and viewable outside the alliance.
I have a few members who aren’t as active as I would like, but I want to ask first if there is a reason and if it is just temporary, before just kicking them, but I have no means to contact them, since they are only active when I sleep. My co-leaders who are in their timezone also have problems catching them in those short periods.
I have a very active alliance, but my members don’t all like to use chat apps like line and I am not going to obligate them to do so. Would be great if there would be at least an alliance noteboard or something similar.


Dear developers! I ask to add in the game chat the possibility of sending personal messages to the players.


Please add pvt message to the game.


I like the idea of a friendlist.

We just currently move to new alliance and due to the problem we can’t add each other as friend Now we cant find back the other member . Isn’t it more dangerous to add each other using 3rd party apps ?

Dangerous in what sense? I merely see it as different.

  1. add by internal friend list
  2. add by external app (Line)

I think adding Private Messaging OUTSIDE of the Alliance will just create MORE problems & arguments between Players/Alliances, than what already goes on in the Public chat rooms. The Chat rooms are already filled with enough arguments and bullying as it is, by “Cliques” who attempt to dominate the chat & push newer players out.

The alliance recruitment chat room is dominated by a group of people who use line to communicate and the first thing they do is throw their line ids out at potential recruits, which is completely unfair to New AND Exsisting Alliances trying to recruit from WITHIN the game, as intended.
Especially Alliances who do not have or want to use Line or a 3rd party app and just want to play the game.

Private messaging will destroy any fairness that remains in the AR Chat Room & give even more leverage to those who already abuse/flood the PUBLIC Chat Rooms with nonsense and childish “Role Playing” games. ???

However, I am Fully in favor of adding Private Messaging WITHIN the Alliance chat rooms, Especially between the Leader and Co-leader. There are things that must be decided together between Leader and Co-leader regarding the Alliance, which can’t/shouldn’t be discussed in front of all the other members.

I’m sure I will get slammed for writing this, but we thank you for allowing our input!


I appreciate your point of view. (If I may add, some users of Line use it to step outside a fast-moving flood of General chat and address questions one-on-one…that’s how I use it). :wink:

I agree that leadership roles inside alliances need a private communication system. I’m ambivalent whether it is provided by the game directly, or by an outside app like Line.

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You are absolutely right @Rook , SOME people do use it the way that you do. My apologies for not mentioning that point.

Unfortunately, some have chosen to abuse the ability to shoot their Line ID’s out for far less noble purposes.

I Appreciate your dialog! :grin:

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Hiya Rook,

I was wondering if you know if players can PM one another on here? Just curious because we were on the subject… :smiley:

Thank you!

I’ve never seen a PM function, though from time to time I see an Email icon. I assume you can provide your email in one of the profile pages if you want others to contact you via your real email.

I just use regular posts or Line. :slight_smile:

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The PM function in the forum is reserved for moderators and staff at this time.

I have to say, the idea of PMs within one’s alliance is new, and I kinda like that one! Having said that, I think it is something that players should be able to toggle on/off. I know a player that doesn’t join Line so that they don’t have to run the risk of someone contacting them for inappropriate purposes.


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