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It would be nice if the leader had the ability to post special instructions/announcements that would pop up when members log in since these things often get lost in chat.
It would also be nice if the leader could post a private message to a member, for example if someone isn’t doing their part the leader could send a warning message privately to that member asking them to make contact with line, discord, or FB messenger.


Personal messaging creates stonger communities and keeps players in game more often. Its good for players and developers. I’m surprised there isn’t one in place. Very enjoyable game! :slight_smile:

Between people of the same alliance in priority

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Can we buy gifts for our alliance members?

Not yet. Please see The Shortlist to get an idea which player ideas are being considered for adding to the game: :slight_smile:

Most folks in my alliance don’t have an issue using line or discord. I’m not into downloading an app just to have communication capabilities… Though I understand why they don’t want to include pm’s.

Thing is my alliance is casual, and though people who don’t hit 3 titans in a row get kicked in not all about yelling people they have to get on the game during their honeymoon (for example). If my members will never be able to message me the dates of a vacation so I don’t kick them for no reason… A button should be implemented on the alliance list so they can check if they’ll be on vacation.

Though that kinda coding would be harder on the development team to be honest, and pm would just work better too. So while I continue thinking of comments to leave that would only make the job harder to accomplish with no pm system please take that into consideration…

I’d rather the Devs focus on adding a tavern cuilding for mini games as well as season 2. I can download line app for FREE and get the same or better functionality than an in game chat feature

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I can see both sides of the chat argument. Several things I like about Line:

  1. I can have a private chat just for leaders

  2. If I somehow get kicked out of my alliance by a game glitch, Line still has me connected and unconcerned until I can reconnect in-game.

This second one is the biggest reason I’m a fan of external chats.


Tip: Both my former and current alliance leader created a gmail account and put the email in the alliance description so kicked people can be let back in or go on vacation.

OMG do not get me started on whispers, in game mail and forum PMs. In my “Other” MMO I have been a forum moderator for 5 1/2 years and a chat moderator for 3 1/2 years. The number of developer cycles that are wasted when whispers, in game mail and forum PMs get abused is insane. At one point they had 33% of the Devs dealing with it. The problem with F2P MMOs, cheap SIM cards, and trolls, is how quickly it becomes a losing game of Wack-A-Mole with nuclear weapons. Especially when the trolls start forming their own troll alliances so their victims know they are being gang bullied. Two favorite parts of Empires are the lack of in game whispers and private mail and the lack of PMs on the forums. When thirty plus people can see everything you say and you cannot hound an alliance member that leaves, people tend to be much more civil.


The number of developer cycles that are wasted when whispers, in game mail and forum PMs get abused is insane. At one point they had 33% of the Devs dealing with it. The problem with F2P MMOs, cheap SIM cards, and trolls, is how quickly it becomes a losing game of Wack-A-Mole with nuclear weapons.

This +20


I like your suggestion of the Gmail account, thanks for the tip =)

And I completely understand the argument that it would be a drain on the development/moderators time checking on harassment reports and the like… But there’s something you’re failing to defend

If you use line and give someone your name - anyone in global chat can see it and still harass you. So what do you do? Block the person that harassed you on line? Here’s my point… Everything that line can give you the game CAN give you as well and better.

  1. There’s no extra storage space needed on the phone for whatever the app size is if functionality is bundled into the game.
  2. Line has no security features built in that would not be able to carry over to the game.
  3. Having two apps running on my phone only uses up my data quicker, not everyone is on unlimited plans or has consistent access to wifi when they want to play.

And last but not least
4. User names in this game are NOT unique. On line someone could make additional accounts to continue spamming/harassing you and you have to keep blocking them. Here if you block someone there’s not a way for them to simply search for you in the game. Changing your name costs very little gems if you want to argue they could look you up by alliance… But even then the option to change alliances further protects you from harassment. To top this off in the game if they are blocked and created additional accounts to harass people… Those extra accounts wouldn’t be used for anything but harassment or they’d be pumping a whole lot money into SSG allowing them to hire more people to do the moderation tasks.

So in the end, not only does including pms in the game make things simpler, save you storage and data use… But is also actually much more secure than what outside communication apps offer.

The data/storage is the only argument I might agree with.

I’ve used Line for over ten years, for three games, the most recent being Empires & Puzzles. In all that time, I’ve had to block 2-3 people. One from this game. (They did not come back again and again the harass me, btw.)

Out of 46 groups and 358 friends/acquaintances, 1 bad guy.


Ok, so going by your example if pm was to be added into this game, and someone had to block someone from sending them messages… Chances are that they would not create another account just to harass them.

So why is it you don’t agree with my point that the game can be as secure (even if you don’t believe my point about it being more secure) as another app for communication? What do you think holds this game back from that potential?

So far as I know:

  1. Chats within alliances are no good if a player gets accidentally kicked, or glitches out. The chat only works within an alliance. No good.

  2. PM’s are no good in the game as SG isn’t willing to—or doesn’t have the manpower—to police them from very present trolls.* No good.

This leaves an external chat, which thousands upon thousands of E&P gamers already use: Line (or Discord).

*My example given previously (10 years, 3 bad guys) was given for Line only. Within the game, I’ve had to block over 100 trolls, crazies and miscreants in less than a year.

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I’m not sure I follow you, I understand that the chats break periodically which is something that other apps won’t have in common… But concerning the security of in game alliance chat it’s not as though trolls can just enter and chat without being a member of the alliance. Perhaps I’m missing your point.

So perhaps I can clarify my position here, of all the people you have blocked in the game how many would you say have created a new account just to continue to harass you?

If the pm functionality has the ability to block players that troll others, just like you can block messages on other apps… How would it being in the game make it less secure?

Truth be told, the developers don’t have to police external messaging apps, so as long as they gave you the same options in game why would you reject the ability to just do the same here? We can police ourselves just the same… But if it’s in game we expect the developers to handle it all for us.

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My point in the first instance is that circumstances arise where players are removed from alliances: intentionally, accidentally, or by glitch.

If chat only exists within alliances, those players will be cut off from their alliances once removed, and not able to communicate, “Hey! What happened? Let me back in!”

As regards expanding chat to allow some kind of PM system in game to address this type of issue, I believe that this will result in an increase of complaints about “trolls, roleplays, sexting, harassment” and a whole host of other complaints that I’ve encountered in the chat rooms over the last 10 months.

Am I being pessimistic? Prolly. And I apologize for that. I know these things are cyclical, and I rejoice when these sorts of things wane. But I don’t have these opinions in a vacuum.


you guys are all missing the point - if it’s in game or on these forums, SGG has to deal with it. that means staff to deal with all that crap. They don’t want that. I don’t blame them.

When it’s on line or discord, it’s not their problem and they can focus on the game, not dealing with trolls and harassers.


100 ?already!

Empires is just gaining in popularity. Once you start getting spam for discounts on gems & ascension items then Empires has hit the big time. Once that happens, oh the troll hoards descend.

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With the addition of AW, person to person ally messaging is needed. We have people that have been in the alliance for almost a year that fully participate in titan battles but have never posted in the alliance chat, so I have to assume they do not read it. With the addition of AW, it is now necessary to plan and strategize. There’s one guy who put Ares in the corner on his defense team, there are others who are making novice mistakes as well. We will also often coordinate between the strong guys to take on the big players, then have the weaker guys clean up. Right now weaker guys who don’t read are smashing themselves against a wall and getting 1 or 2 points.

Anyway, we don’t want to boot these people, they’ve been with us a long time, and while we’d love everyone to be social, the social part of gaming isn’t for everyone. And that was OK until AW. We’d like to be able to reach out and work with them. If there’s a message counter in their face saying they have 3 new direct messages maybe they will answer. And if not, then we can decide if we should give them the boot.

Bottom line though is we need a way to communicate with individuals who don’t use, and have never used, the alliance chat.


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