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It would be nice, especially as an alliance leader, to be able to directly communicate. Seems a bit ridiculous that there is in game mail, that chats have built in moderation but we can’t check on a player in our own alliance. Not everyone uses chat no matter how much we ask. Using the reasons of probable bullying seems ignorant considering there is a way to report such things built into the game already.

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I can understand why people would want to have a friends list but I don’t think that it would be a good idea to add that to this game. I have witnessed a lot of arguements between players on the global page so allowing players to send personal messages opens the door to players being attacked.
There should however be a way where leaders and Co leaders can invite people into the alliance like it says rather than them having to ask.

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I can understand why you don’t want to add a friends list in the game and I also understand why you don’t want to add the fact that we can message each other however it would be a good idea if the leader and Co leaders of an alliance had a certain amount of set messages that could be sent to individual members. Example, Well done on killing the titan. Or Wow you’re doing a fantastic job. Well done.

Or even Leader, Co-Leader and Elder. (Our alliance currently uses Line app for such messages.)


Not everyone has Line or Facebook and some don’t have time to swap from 1 to the other and others just don’t have memory space either. To give someone a compliment for playing well it would be a lot easier if it was on the game itself. I’m sure all 30 members of your alliance are not on the line app.

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Actually, we have our current members, plus several Alums:

I’m a firm believer in external communication for a number of reasons, but I’m not against in-Game Chat. I’m just aware it’s not on the current to do list:



There definitely should be a private messaging mode. Some people are just too talkative…
So trying to be polite, a pointing towards private mode would be helpful.
Happy New year!

Please read the shortlist (link above). Due to safety issues (among others), this option is not currently being considered.

Hi, i’ve been reading the reasons for the decisions made, but i wanted to add my personal opinion, as it was asked in general. Interesting to see this board and game developing. :+1:

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This is the first time I’ve seen set messages suggested for communications. I have played a game where set messages were the only way to communicate. (it was a family server) It could be useful, even just to flag ‘check in with a co-leader’.


This I agree with. Especially as a leader trying to communicate with new recruits who may not be responding to game chat.

Most of my team is on line as well, but even then some don’t want to talk :frowning:

I wish that in alliance chat was room only for leaders. I can’t discuss the alliance changes with other leaders without informing about that the all alliance.


Until that day if/when such a room becomes available, alliances rely on outside chat apps, such as Line and Discord.

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It would be nice if the leader had the ability to post special instructions/announcements that would pop up when members log in since these things often get lost in chat.
It would also be nice if the leader could post a private message to a member, for example if someone isn’t doing their part the leader could send a warning message privately to that member asking them to make contact with line, discord, or FB messenger.


Personal messaging creates stonger communities and keeps players in game more often. Its good for players and developers. I’m surprised there isn’t one in place. Very enjoyable game! :slight_smile:

Between people of the same alliance in priority

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Letter :slight_smile:

Can we buy gifts for our alliance members?

Not yet. Please see The Shortlist to get an idea which player ideas are being considered for adding to the game: :slight_smile:

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