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I understand thats what line is for but some people me included cannot use it for whatever reason like me for example i dont have enough space on my phone and my phone is not compatible with it so this becomes an issue

I use line but id rather not. Just another app to eat up phone space. Plus it’s just the place pervs to creep on e&p players with no consequences. If it didn’t happen in game not small giants problem.

From what I can see this topic has come up before but U would like to adress it again.
Can you please add a private message system to the game?

Currently all we can to is post messages in the clan chat.
While useful it is inadequate is a number of cases.
If we want to discuss something private it forces us to use other media that does have a private chat function. Not all commincation needs to be known by all.

Private chats with non-clan members is also desirable.
Things happen and mistakes are made and when people leave there is no way to contact them again to clear things up. Being able to contact them through a pm system in the game would fix that.

Some minor things is posting a persons ■■■. I have seen someone called female while he was male. It is a very minor issue and usually it is cleared up with no issues but you couls make it an option to show.

Bigger issue is language settings. We had a clan member who simply didn’t respond to any clan chats. Even when directed at the person there was no response. Since we are a Dutch clan everyone spoke Dutch so we tried some other languages. No response.
Can you make the language settings, or nationality, public so we know how to adress members like this one?

Thank you.

Hi @Tollie01,
I’ve moved your post to the “Ideas and feature requests” category because your post isn’t a bug report but rather proposition of a new functionality.

The idea of private messages has been suggested already:

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I would love to see private messaging in an alliance minimally. Just so we can speak directly to players needing help, or letting them know to use their flags in AW.
I believe making game wide private messaging would be abused. Either to harass or belittle others. There are too many entitled trolls these days. Of course the ability to block/report would be standard but it’s probably better to avoid it and not have to worry about this issue.
Maybe a “friends” list for messaging members of other alliances that you know?


there should be a way to msg at least people from your friendlist (there should be a friend list), actually the only way to track a player is by blocking it right? so you can check in wich alliance is he/she playing looking at his name on the block list, at least i do this with some friends wich do not play in my alliance, and that’s sad. how hard can be to add a friend list. nvm i like the game but the chatty stuff in it is garbage. pure spam global

@zephyr1 is there a way for me to send you a private message m8? I can’t seem to find one.
I have members send them to me though so must be able to done somehow.


The Forum doesn’t allow private messages between users, except initiated by moderators or Staff.

The closest thing that a non-moderator/Staff can do is flag a post and select the “Something Else” option. That allows you to send a private message to the moderator inbox, which all of the moderators and Staff have access to.

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you mind if I flag your response to this then?

It’s actually better to flag your own post for that. :slight_smile:

@Zepher it is done… Thanks

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We should be allowed to message people in there in box

Was suggested several times now and officially denied by SG.

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That’s a slipppery slope that I’m not really wanting to go down… especially since the game isn’t just 18+.

bonjour, et 1 post de plus pour demander une messagerie privée. attention…ce que je demande ne concerne que les membres de mon alliance et uniquement pour eux. ma demande ne concerne pas les chats existant dans le jeu, ou des messagerie comme “line, discord, ou autres”.

ce qui manque dans le jeu c’est la possibilité de laisser un message a un membre en particulier, et pas à tous, car désormais il nous est possible de faire une annonce alliance pour tous, et qui reste en permanence…cool…sauf quand on a un inactif( depuis ex: 15 jours), c’est la que le message privé prends de l’importance! on pourrais lui laissez un message dans une boite privée qui serait supprimée dans un délais de 7 jours, ce qui donnerais une bonne indication au chef de l’alliance sur l’activité ou la non activité du membre.

merci de m’avoir lu

Translation by mod, via Google Translate:
hello, and 1 more post to request private messaging. attention … what I ask is only for members of my covenant and only for them. my request does not concern the existing cats in the game, or messaging like “line, discord, or others”.

what is missing in the game is the ability to leave a message to a particular member, and not all, because now we can make an announcement alliance for all, and that remains permanently … cool … except when we have an inactive (since ex: 15 days), this is where the private message takes importance! we could leave him a message in a private box that would be deleted within 7 days, which would give a good indication to the leader of the alliance about the member’s activity or non-activity.

Thanks for reading me

Please note that the language of the forum is mainly English, and that if you post outside of #foreign-languages, you’ll need to translate your posts to English

Please see this thread:

  • Private messages : An often requested feature, but due to various reasons including player safety we’re not currently looking into implementing this.
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This is a game and not a social media site. If players want a friends list go and join Facebook or something. I think it’s a bad idea to have personal messages because it will promote poaching

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Oh please about poaching.

  1. what’s wrong with poaching attempts? If you are running a good alliance, then the answer that any of your members will give to a “poaching attempt” will be “I’m sorry, I’m really happy with where I am, and I have no interest in leaving, thanks for the ego boost but I will decline your invitation to join you”.

  2. if people get annoyed by lots of poaching attempts, then implement a setting where you can turn off your access. So if you are perfectly happy where you are, then choose in the game settings to not allow yourself to be contacted. There, problem solved, you’ll never hear from anyone about trying to “poach” you.

The fears about poaching are ridiculous (see #1) and, where such fears persist or are viewed as irritants, they are easily solved (see #2).


We have a rule which everybody knows about and it goes like this.

As we understand family, work and life comes first alliances also depend on participation which is why everyone gets a 14 day none active leeway before being booted if we are informed beforehand and a 5 day leeway if no notice was given.

Place something like this including all other alliance rules in the notes area if your Line or Discord chat App so it is there permanently for everyone to read. Then Send all new players there as a first step.

Private messaging isn’t required if your using a chat app as they all already include sending friends a message from there anyway so it really isn’t needed in the game it’s self.


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