Private Messages & Friends Lists, Player Search - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I would like to request a feature to allow us to find friends and other players in the game. If you leave an alliance or returning to game after a few weeks off, you would want to find your friends again.
I can see a search for Alliances but not players.

I am sure others like me are also interested in having such a feature.

Many thanks

We use WhatsApp Group. We can do everything and even text the person or call them if needed, which we dont do but a text message is enough to remind someone to come and put in hits or come online quickly

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They merged my request into this group but I just want to be able to locate my friends, not private message them. No sure if anyone will even find my post in between this post.

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This thread covers Friends Lists too.

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Has there been any solution or action from the game makers on this topic? It is impossible to find friends, unless I have their contact details outside the game, as far as I understand it so far. The only downside of the game I have experienced so far.

Only that they’ve acknowledged the idea and indicated before it’s not on their priority list:

They’ve also explicitly said private messages are effectively ruled out (not that you’re asking for that, but it’s related):

Sorry @BrandNewGuy, I’m puzzled why E&P should be responsible for keeping a list of my friends. Surely it is my responsibility?

Friendship works both ways, so wouldn’t we have exchanged contact details outside of the game - if indeed we wanted to stay in contact?


It is my game friends. I don’t want the game makers to add a feature of friends list but the ability to look for people. Either by gamer Id or Name. That way I can join them or find them. People can change alliances or maybe my old alliance has a new name.

It is a fairly simple feature. They already have the capability to search for alliance by name. Being a software designer, there is very little work involved in extending this to player.

There is no danger to people or security if people can find you.

Private messages, I can understand are a different capability and may or may not be in line with what they are trying to do as part of this game.

Hope this explains what I am suggesting

See my reply to Sarah below but I can understand the private message scenario but looking for people has little impact on what we are able to do today.
there is no risk to player safety. If a person doesnt want to talk to me, the block function is already there.

Worth noting: the Alliance Name Search has some significant issues that can make it difficult to find an alliance you know the name of. Improving that would be a good starting point.

There are also more players than alliances, and player names aren’t required to be unique, unlike alliance names. So there would be some considerations in implementing that, presumably.

Probably true, but I also suspect it’s a long way from being a priority to SGG, given a large number of big additions to the game they’re working on.

But in any event, it’s not us you need to convince, they’re clearly aware of the idea and will decide whether to do anything about it at some point.

Understood. I am now to the forums. I know it has to show some commercial value or gaming improvement if I was running such a company.
How else is one meant to raise a feature request?

I am hoping someone from the game actually reads these messages. Otherwise, it is just another messaging tool.

I do feel it will be of benefit to the game and gamers.


The posts I quoted earlier are from Staff, so we know they’ve read, considered, and responded to the idea of friends lists.

Friend’s list is something new. You need to write code create another database entity to record against each player. store it, maintain it etc.
A player’s name / ID is already part of the game system. All I requested was the ability for gamers to query it. Tiny bit of functionality to enable. Like Aliiances tab where we can find alliances just by typing the name.

Anyways, it is just a thought I’d put out there. Hope they will read it and perhaps allow us to do it.

We do see your message m8, don’t worry about that.

As for member search, also as a developer myself knowing it shouldn’t be/isn’t hard to impliment I dout SG is going to make this a priority anytime soon.

The idea is good but I think the timing is wrong for this.
If it is allience friends your wanting to find then use an external app this way you can ask them there what allience they are in, then come back to the allience search.

Here also using an external all will cover all you privacy issues allowing to send personal messages. LINE app can do this.

Why is this not implemented yet? It would help tremendously! This would improve communication 10 fold, allow you to talk with old alliance members that left due to life reasons, and when they were to come back they could talk to you. I don’t think there is anyway for someone like that to contact their old alliance to try and get a spot.

One last thing, why is your answer to this is asking us to download someone else’s app to fix what this game lacks, that’s like going to Burger King and them telling you to use a burger from McDonald’s and they will give you the rest of the sandwich…

I wish they would sometimes. Lol

I’d like it to be a way to have pushed notifications when the team messages. Or a way to tag someone. I missed war by 30 minutes and someone messaging me would have been helpful. Things like discord exist but for the common player it’d be easier to have it in game. I get notified when training completes and when people attack but not messages.

That’s why you screenshot the violation as proof.

Personal safety could be addressed via a block tab…block all messages or block a certain member message also a report tab… personally I think it a great idea, a lot of alliance members are from all over the world so different time zones…not easy to message in the general alliance chat

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