Private Messages & Friends Lists, Player Search - Please add your comments & ideas here!

That’s would be great. I would like to invite good opponents in raids that still not having an Alliance to join ours.

Maybe we would need only a button or similar, to let the opponent know, that she/he is welcome at our Alliance.

After reading this whole thread I understand they don’t want to implement private chat/mail because of the risk of spam and harassment.
To my opinion if humanity was thinking that way for any new improvement we would still have no technology at all and we would all hunt deer bare hand.

If people use an external app to communicate is because there is a need to communicate.

So if the FEAR of small giant is spam, then there is EASY solution that would leave the whole moderation in the hand of players:

  • Default, no one can message you, you have to activate the feature first.
  • The feature would have some level:
    • Close, no one can message you (default) //maybe except the leaders/elders of the alliance you are in.
    • Open to all message (if that is what you really want)
    • Open to alliance member only (new member need to be in alliance for a specific time, like 24h, before they can send message to alliance member to prevent spam from new join member that leave right after)
    • Open to my friend list (peoples you have accept to receive message from)

So anyone that would want to contact someone on “friend list setting” would need to first send a request, which can only be sent once for a unique player ID until there is an answer; the possibility of either accepting, refusing (leave open to further request) or blocking that user (no further request can be receive from that user)
The request/refusal system could have default message so there is no spam in the “reason for request”

To prevent a person to create multiple accounts to spam, the chat/mail system could only be activate after a certain player level (anything that take a day or more)

With this kind of system there would be no need of moderator jobs inside small giant as everyone would be responsible to set their own “privacy”
System like that have already been implemented in many other games/apps, nothings is new there and that would be easily added.

In all the game I played using external app to communicate never was a big win as there will always be people that can’t or don’t want to use them for multiple valid reason.


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Think this is a great idea, as someone in a semi active alliance, would live to learn more about other alliance’s before joining. As it stands now you have to join one but if you don’t have same ideals that will cause you to leave. Making you look like a bit of a jerk.

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Would be a good option to add to beaable to speak to fellow members in your alliance only in private so it is easy for alliance members to ask Co leaders and leader questions

You come for the hero’s but stay for the mates!

I used to play a zombie game called Please Stay Calm +whilst it was super fun +addictive the very best part was cultivating a friends list who you could chat to privately even if they were in a different safehouse to you. Large friend lists also meant you could get healed quicker, it really built up friendships that weren’t limited to your alliance.

I hope to see this feature in development in the future!

good subject. the implementation of this function would minimize the use of other messengers. It would be much easier to discuss strategy, team member and others

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@Rook any chance this will resurface? With alliance wars it’s becoming more important to have the ability to direct message alliance members for strategy changes, such as unified tank element, etc. Maybe adding a compose button in the messages tab or something like that and only existing alliance members show up as available recipients to start with. It could eveolve into an invite feature, but direct message in-group I believe is super important.

Currently the topic is clearly mentioned in The Shortlist in the section of ideas that are not currently considered.

That is the word at the moment from SG.

I encourage you to review the list, to see what is being considered, which ideas are liked but shelved for now, and which are off the table for various reasons.


I’m at my limit for votes for this idea, but I’ve made lots of friends in this game that would be great to stay in touch with and “check-in” on.

It would also be fun to have a “VISIT ONLY” tag to allow players to enter another alliance’s chat only for the purposes of socializing. This would require the addition of an alliance-wide ban-hammer / block list for those pesky users who just want to be buttholes. But this feature would be fun and would work if they were disallowed from participating in titan battles or wars.

Maybe easier to have an invited guest list? Only those (extra) players on the list could join chat?

Personally, I’m fine with how things are now, but that’s how I might approach it.

It would be really great to have the ability to search for individual players via their gamer tag.

Our alliance was dissolved right from under us and we all enjoyed the game together. We are slowly finding each person. It would have been quicker and easier with a search option.

The idea has been proposed before, but hasn’t gotten a lot of traction to date.

@Rook, @Kerridoc, it looks like @coppersky was consolidating these at one point in this thread. I’m not sure if that’s still a going concern, but it seems like some consolidation might be in order.

The ability to search Alliances is very nice. But it would be amazing if we could search specific players. This way, we can keep tabs on friends who aren’t in our Alliance or who don’t show up in global chat.
This could help with Recruitment as well.


Help. It’s Shenhua my kid deleted me…let me back in

It would be really nice if we could have a player search engine like alliances do. No messages just the in game profile. I was in an alliance for a long time until I and some other members that I knew left. Since then iv lost track of their paths and have no way to find them. I want to keep up with their progress on the game or join in an alliance together. I have no other way of contacting them. I cant see a way that this would cause problems and I think its odd that this hadn’t been added yet. What are your thought s on this?

Dear Devs,

Please think about the idea t search on player names, not only on alliances.

With kind regards,



I know why I would look up another player. Why would you? I’m curious! :grin:

LOL. Stay curious, lol


You can find a player if you know the name of their alliance, but I guess you know that.

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