Private Messages & Friends Lists, Player Search - Please add your comments & ideas here!

This thread is a collection of posts and topics all related to adding the feature to send PMs (personal messages) in game, and the ability to have a friend list. Please continue to add your thoughts on this subject here!


Hi i would like it if we could talk to our alliance members on a one to one private chat so the whole group does not need to hear only you and that person


That’s what we use Line app for… :grin:


But thats another app install, and another open app.we are lazy… Keep it all ingame… Add video chat too… Lol… Lets really slow down the server…


I further demand a working casino and someone to bring me a sandwich… :grin:


My alliance has a facebook group. If you get enough good people that are planning on sticking around, it’s seems to be worthwhile. We have a lot of FB discussions re: strategy and such that are difficult to have in the game chat, and also new members can refer back to it. It also helps stop people from quitting. We have a few people who are ready to quit due to lack of ascension items but don’t want to because they like being a part of the alliance.


Many alliances here may use Line, a chat app that permits private and group discussion; I know 7DD uses the Discord app for the same thing.

Whatever works, right? :wink:


From a ruthless player engagement perspective, I’m surprised the game didn’t launch with a private conversation feature. Might be an UI challenge given their current design and it’d presumably be stateless, but if you’re trying to drive engagement and stickiness, don’t make the player base use some external app… easier for them to just use that and leave the game behind.

Just sayin’ :slight_smile:


I do have line app and many my members have down loaded it but there are some that will not or cannot down load it and its hard to communicate with them as a leader


Yeah; we have one who can’t get Line in his country :disappointed_relieved:

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Why isn’t there one to one messaging, and will there be a possibility for it in the near future?


I agree and I’ve mentioned the same thing in the ideas/features thread.

There should be a way to “add friends” and that gives you the ability to send them direct messages. Hopefully it gets added soon.


i agree - this will add to the games popularity if the players are able to communicate in game. this will also assist if you could have a way that the messages could be directed to a group of people like an alliance if you are part of it.

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I’d love a way to be able to send comments to raid opponents, so a private chat system would be great. Or allow us to use the inbox to send mail to other users.


I am sorry but if this game gets a private chat or private message feature then that is the day both my husband and i quit. There is no need for it. People use it for inappropriate reasons on other games we have played. Anything needing to be said can be done on global or alliance chat. There are other private message apps if needed for that.


This would be wonderful. Of course people will get a few creepy messages - it’s easy enough to just block them. Many of us use line but in order to do that we have to give out our line IDs, sometimes in global chat. This results in lots of creepy random men adding me and all those inappropriate things happening there instead. I’d like to be able to just privately give it to a friend than post it out there for all.


Being able to talk in privet between leaders & co leaders . Think it be a good feature to becoming a co-leader. Right now there’s nothing special about it, if being an elder is same as being a co-leader or leader. There has to be something more special to it, to becoming a co-leader


We need a personal messaging option so players don’t get embarrassed


Dev can you implement a whisper feature that we can private message another player?


Its not going to happen many have ask this before and i have been playing for 7 months now so yes this request has been asked before and its understandable because some might abuse the private chat and abuse or harrass player and no one can witness it it would be their word against yours i never thought of that until someone said this to me and then it made since why no private chat