Private messages and other issues

From what I can see this topic has come up before but U would like to adress it again.
Can you please add a private message system to the game?

Currently all we can to is post messages in the clan chat.
While useful it is inadequate is a number of cases.
If we want to discuss something private it forces us to use other media that does have a private chat function. Not all commincation needs to be known by all.

Private chats with non-clan members is also desirable.
Things happen and mistakes are made and when people leave there is no way to contact them again to clear things up. Being able to contact them through a pm system in the game would fix that.

Some minor things is posting a persons ■■■. I have seen someone called female while he was male. It is a very minor issue and usually it is cleared up with no issues but you couls make it an option to show.

Bigger issue is language settings. We had a clan member who simply didn’t respond to any clan chats. Even when directed at the person there was no response. Since we are a Dutch clan everyone spoke Dutch so we tried some other languages. No response.
Can you make the language settings, or nationality, public so we know how to adress members like this one?

Thank you.

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