Private Chat


Dear Devs,

Please give all alliemembers an option for the private chat.
Somethings wont be said in the group. Not all of us have/wants a line account.

Thanks for for fast reply.

greetings Darth


That’s so true! Shouldn’t be a problem. Hope they tell us, why there isn’t a option for pm


This has been suggested many times, no answers that i recall from devs


I know but is see many improvement, I think now it is the time to do it.


I think their point is, if there is an existing thread on your subject, please add your comment to that thread and don’t make a new subject on the same topic. Thanks.


Are you a dev, Rook. Lol

but you are right, i saw it too and i forseen dat topic with my commend. But before you said it. :slight_smile:


I am not a Dev… :grin:

I know the Moderator(s) and want to see less work for them. :joy:

Am merely making true statements. :wink:


:joy: Really do i need to reply with 20 caracters?


No. :sunglasses::sunglasses: