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I`m very much missing functionality where we could be putting some private info for all alliance members with no possibility for other alliances to read that. It would be very beneficial in regards to wars strategy notification.
Obviously it can be written on the chat, but since some of the alliances are very chatty, an info is shortly lost.

What do you all think?


A comment in chat that could be made “sticky” would be hugely helpful. This has been requested quite a lot in the features section, but no one seems to be paying attention there anymore.


It could be useful but… what strategies can be so special to have the need of hiding it?
Color of the central?
Last minute attack?

I mean… what change if they know?

if I would wite it here it wouldn’t be a secret anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

We write all our important information in GOLD text.

We are careful to not overuse it and only for very important info such as USE ALL YOUR FLAGS or STOP FIGHTING THE TITAN

Our members are used to watching for these special messages.

We use a special channel on discord for these “orders” and copy and paste them as required. If it’s an important message and lots of chat occurs in between, we simply copy and paste it again.

It’s very easy to do with this method.

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If you come up with code for tank (center) colors you can post it in your banner:

“Our reptile has escaped” (green)
“Put out the flames” (red)
“Thirsty anyone?” (Blue)
“That’s a black-eye folks.” (Purple)
“Monkey Rules!” (Yellow)

Obviously you can’t use mine now that I’ve published them, but you can invent your own.

We often use [#FFFF66] for a bright yellow for in-game alliance announcements

(You can shortcut the whole thing by):
A. Making your center/tank announcement during break between wars
B. Get Line or Discord or similar chat apps and bypass the whole thing.


Do you like the bright yellow instead of the gold? Which one do you think is easier to read?

Hmm? The one I posted [#FFFF66] looks like this:


You can google search “Hex code Guide image” to find some easy color guides to try.

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I put them both out for our players to choose. I think gold may be a little easier on the eyes.

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Of course some of our members just choose to ignore anything I say regardless of the colour used :roll_eyes::smirk::persevere:

On my chart, it’s just a color number, not a name; I’m guessing at the title:

Thanks, yes I’m familiar with the codes. I thought maybe you had feedback from players saying whether some colour are easier to read than others. I think it’s green (?) that’s really bad.

haven’t been able to get it to work on iOS…

I’ve settled on fushia for titan messages and gold for war messages.

Are you putting in the code exactly right?

Square bracket [ then hashtag then code then square bracket

It needs to look like this, for example

[# FFF00F]

yes, done that. but it apparently only works for Android. Or are you on iOS?
I haven’t tried it in a while…

The elephant is out for food (Green)
The elephant in the river (blue)
The elephant is happy (yellow)
The elephant is angry (red)
The elephant must sleep (purple)

I was thinking you are a Musad agent before @Rook :rofl: but after info from your profile … I know now you are CIA . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Android but I didn’t think that made a difference. It’s the game chat that accepts the code, isn’t it?

apparently, it does make a difference. Everyone I know that can do colours in the recruiting chatroom is on Android. those of us with iOS have the boring ads. :wink:

I am using an Apple phone and am able to amaze my alliance members with the magic of colorful chat :grin:

Silly question - but did you add the code before and after your text? Just making sure as it works for me.

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