Prisca won’t ascend

I have 3 Prisca at different levels 441 436 431 and they are showing that they are max but the ascend button doesn’t light up.

There isn’t a bug here. Your Prisca is already maxed ascended. The reason you can still level up is to max her special skill.

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If you wait to feed her 10 purples heros (for 100% chance), you’ll level her up quickly.

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But whats up with all these maxed Priscas? Look at Merlin’s face, he’s disturbed by your actions :sob: Feed him a Prisca :smiling_imp:


Warning here… I just want to suggest OP to do:

  1. Lock your Best Heroes, all your *5 ,*4, and *3 heroes should be locked. You will not lost Merlin/Rigard by accident right?
  2. Prisca is not so good heroes, you have dup Prisca at level 3.50, thats not cool at all. And also Ranfeld is also not good. Do you have any other purple *3?

Here is example how to lock your best heroes:

And also lock your best troops:

Back to topic: you can max Prisca after skill has 8/8, suggestion for guaranteed skiilup is using *2 purple x5, or you can combine until 100% chance to skill-up.


Well, in Prisca’s defense, she could be useful in challenges or class trials, where you can only use certain heroes due to rarity or class restrictions. In these cases, if Prisca is the one that fits the requirements and you do not have anyone else better, then you will have to rely on her.

Yes, one is ok, but two prisca is too many I think.

Wait… it must be three Prisca not two! Below hereoes ready to be feeded is not allowed to feed by her selft right?

And OP also mention this:

So 3 Prisca is too many I think.

Feeding prica now will only give you a chance to increase her special skill to 8/8. Then you can talent. I would suggest focusing on Merlin. His mindless attack is very useful for stopping people from healing or causing trouble with their special.

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Sure. But she is one of the worst 3*. Having 3 of them levelled up seems excessive. I’m never gonna level even one of them.

Yea. She’s not a very effective hero. But I still maxed one just for the fun of it.

Did that, too… but after Atlantis I was out of roster space, so I gave her to Tibs…

lol poor Prisca. I don’t have many paladin class heroes, so for now I will keep Prisca. I do have a Thorne sitting around. Maybe I will get him up to 2/60 or 3/70, then use him to replace Prisca.

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That’s the reason why I still have a +12 Nashgar: no barbarian :frowning: paladins I always had enough. So every player has a shortage of something…

LJ is on his way to get the barbarian emblems, pulled him last week after half a year :slight_smile:

LJ is nice. I was really praying for him but got Skittleskull from tc20 instead. So I was like “no worries, next one will be LJ”. Did a couple of more tc20 pulls, and what you know… a 2nd Skittleskull. Guess I’ll just keep trying.


@jinbatsu, has given you the BEST advice!! I learned to lock my good heroes the hard way. Accidentally fed my 1st Kiril to Valen, yes alcohol MAY have been involved but I admit NOTHING!!!


In any event, I wouldn’t waste anymore resources on prisca.

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Prisca & Renfeld all the way.
Army of darkness :rofl:


I maxed one for paladin quests, but honestly, she’s not very good even there. Tyrum is supposed to be better, but I am working on 4-5 stars at the moment, so Prisca is going to have at least a couple more outings in the cleric-paladin quest. Or not — I just maxed Mnessus, who at least has a dispeller. (For paladin-monk, Prisca doesn’t even come into question, since I’ve got lots of monks.)

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Feed Prisca 2 to Prisca 1. That should max Prisca 1’s special to 8.
Let Merlin snack on Prisca 3.

Merlin changed the game for me. To ignore him is Blasphemy. Look at him! Ignore him at your own risk.


Merlin was savage this tournament too. Extra Fast = He goes off quickly and you make everyone hit their own team instead of using their specials on you. I wish I had 2 merlins at times… that mindless attack is a gme changer


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